Selling Your Home - Private Sale Vs Real Estate Agent - Infographic Stats

Selling Your Home - Private Sale vs Real Estate Agent - Infographic Stats3 Reasons why Real Estate Agents assisted sales ROCK

The National Association of REALTORS® (N.A.R.) in the U.S. has conducted an extensive study of home sales in 2015.  They found that only 8% of sales were conducted as ‘private sales’, where no agents were involved, so roughly 1 in 12.

They have found that, although its possible to sell privately, there are 3 main drawbacks, statistically: Private sellers get less money, take longer to sell, and experience more STRESS than their represented counterparts.  Here is the infographic that came from this study, created by Brent & Katie Carnduff (The Carnduff Team) of Keller Williams of Southern Nevada.

Want more info?  Check out the 8 Things you should consider when selling your home.


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