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Winnipeg Home Selling News & Tips

Winnipeg Home Selling Hub.  Tips, news and advice for Winnipeg house and condo sellers

6 Effective Tricks To Help Sell Your Home

Need to sell your current home? If you're thinking of selling your house or your condo, you probably do not want it to languish on the market. Here are some simple, effective tips and tricks to help speed up the process, get your home sold as quickly and for as much money as possible in any type of real estate market.

Selling Your Home – Private Sale vs Real Estate Agent –...

3 Reasons why Real Estate Agents assisted sales ROCK The National Association of REALTORS® (N.A.R.) in the U.S. has conducted an extensive study of home...

Getting Top Drawer Value for your Home

Getting top dollar for your home . This article was submitted by Daniel Watson, who is a journalism student at the University of Toronto If you’re selling...

A Real Estate Agent can make the selling process easier

A Real Estate Agent can help make the selling process stress free . Selling your house can seem scary, even when it means you are starting...

8 Rules of Etiquette Every Home Seller Must Know

Even in a buyers market, sellers should know the rules of etiquette. Buying a house is a very emotional event. Do or say the wrong things, and you could lose the potential buyer.

Beautify Your Home To Attract A Fantastic Buyer

Updating and improving your home will help to make a great first impression on buyers. Take the time and effort to beautify your home and impress and attract buyers.

Cheap Ways To Increase Your Property Value By 50%

Tips on increasing your home's value by up to 50% without breaking your bank. Before putting your home on the market, fix it up and increase its value.

3 Strong Smells That Will Kill Your Home Sale

An offensive odour will the the first thing greeting your potential buyer when they open your front door. Odours can kill a sale, here are the 3 most offensive odours.

7 Home Renovation Projects Worth Doing Before Selling Your House

Thinking of renovating your home just before you sell? Not all projects give you the same rate of return. Here are 7 home reno projects that rank higher

Tips for Pet Owners who want to sell their home (Audio)

Here are some quick tips for pet owners who are getting ready to sell their home. Not all buyers love pets, in fact some are allergic, and the seller does not want to lose out on any potential buyer.

How To Sell Your Home While Living with Kids

Sell your home while living with kids If you're lucky to be living and selling in a very hot market, you may not have to...

Who pays condo fees when possession is in the middle of...

If a buyer takes possession mid-month, who will pay the condo fees for that month? The seller or the buyer?

Home Staging Tip #1: Air Quality, Pets and Odours

Home Staging Quick Tip #1: Air Quality, Pets and Odours . Even in a hot real estate market such as Winnipeg, home buyers DO have choices....

Top 5 Things Home Sellers Should Demand From Their Listing Agent

Home Sellers should absolutely expect these 5 services Home Sellers, who wisely decided to hire a real estate professional, called a Listing Agent, to help...

Selling your home privately: When it’s the right option for you

When 'Selling Privately' is the right thing for you Let's face it: hiring a professional real estate agent may not always be the best option...