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New Feature of Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog

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Home buyers, sellers and owners have questions about real estate.  Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog has just added a special ‘Questions and Answers’ section to the blog.  Here you can ASK any real estate related question, or help others by ANSWERING any question.

In order to ask or answer, you will need to sign in via one of your social platforms, such as google, twitter, linkedin or facebook.  You can also vote on any answers.

So to take a look at the questions, to ask your own question or to answer a question thats already been posted, click on Real Estate Questions in Winnipeg.


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I recently bought a house in Winnipeg through a competing offer situation and all the conditions have the met and its sold to me. I wanted to find out what the other offers were but I am not being provided that information. Why cant that information be disclosed to me even though I won the bid and am now the owner ?

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