Quick #bathroom upgrades and renovations in less than 48 hours


Bathroom renos and upgrades in a weekend


Quick #bathroom upgrades and renovations in less than 48 hours Home Improvements Latest Posts  Bathroom Condos Green Living Home Improvements Kitchen
Stripe Shower Curtain – Feather Gray (Photo credits: West Elm)

Many homeowners are looking to redo and update their homes, but with busy schedules, often only have time on the weekends. While a complete overhaul of the house might be unrealistic for this time frame, a bathroom makeover is completely do-able. The following tips and tricks will show you how to be a weekend warrior without having to hire a professional crew for assistance.

Get Inspired

Home magazines and online resources, such as Pinterest, are filled with all the newest color palettes, design themes and patterns to get your inspiration flowing. Utilize the many beautiful bath photos to find the theme or color scheme that calls to you and run with it.

One-Stop Shop

Heading to only one or two stores is crucial, since your time should be spent renovating, not driving all over town for what you need. Planning ahead will lessen frustrations when you begin scouring the aisles.

Finding the Perfect Products

For a weekend makeover, focus on the following products:

• Paint: Be sure to choose a semi-gloss or bathroom-specific paint, since the steam from hot showers and excessive water flow can make the bathroom a harsh environment.

• Faucets: When selecting your faucet, consider style, finish, coordinating products and quality. The Moen Boardwalk bath collection, for instance, features a blend of vintage design and classic lines for a stunning look in any bath.

• Showering: The shower is a place to escape and relax – so be sure to find products to enhance this space. Today’s showerheads come in variety of designs – wallmount, handheld, multi-function, rainshower – or a combination of all. Find the one that suits your showering style and choose a finish to coordinate with the rest of your bath.

• Accessories: For added safety with style, try designer grab bars with accessories, which combine the safety benefits of a grab bar with one of three common bath essentials – a towel bar, a paper holder and a shelf – making each item functional and fashionable. Adding these discrete safety solutions will keep your bath looking great while still being practical.

• Accents: Once you’ve chosen all the hardware for your bath, you’ll need to think of the softer accents to help pull your design together. A new shower curtain, decorative towels, throw rug and curtains will add the final finishing touch to your new space.

Install and Enjoy

Once you’ve purchased your product selections, it’s time to start your update. Luckily, each of these projects can be accomplished quickly and are simple enough for even a novice DIYer.


Quick #bathroom upgrades and renovations in less than 48 hours Home Improvements Latest Posts  Bathroom Condos Green Living Home Improvements Kitchen

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  1. We have decided to renovate the house and I was looking for some tips on bathroom renos, my search ends here. I understand that renovation may take very long and working without a perfect plan may lead to bizarre. My bathroom is a bit low on space and I want some good tips on how to make the best renos even on low spaces. I like the manner you have presented the blog. Thanks for some amazing ideas! Greetings.
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  2. Finding the right interior design takes a lot of time. I recently helped a friend move from her 3-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom condominium. She had to put most of her items in storage in plastic packing boxes until she gives them to charity organizations since not all fit the design of her new home. It is fully furnished yet she needed to re-do a little of it to fit her taste. One of the most fun to do was actually the bathroom. To her, it is as important as the bedroom and the kitchen, and after scouring pages of design magazines and online resources, we managed to find the perfect fit for her taste.

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