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The Secrets Of Home-Staging Your Bedroom – Sell Your Home –...

How to stage your bedroom. Infographic to help sellers stage one of the most important rooms in the house...the master bedroom.

Roof Replacement Options -Roofing Materials – Return On Investment – Infographic

Thinking about roof replacement? There are many different materials, costs and return on investment facts to consider. Infographic showing options for various roofing materials, life expectancy of those materials and costs.

3 Simple Steps To Prepare Your Home For Movers

Time is Money!  You've hired a moving company, and they charge by the hour.  So the easier you can make it for them, the...

Simple 5 Step Process To Declutter Your Home

Accumulated too much stuff? Need to declutter for the sale of your home, downsizing or moving away? Here is a 5-step infographic to help you declutter.. (Infographic)

Infographic: 6 Steps To Assure A Successful Home Buying Journey

Buying a house or condo in any market is an important step.  In fact, it's a series of steps that, if taken in the...

28 Awesome Tips on How To Declutter your Home (Infographic)

Declutter Your Home Before the Sale If you're interested in selling your home, decluttering it is a great and necessary first step.  No home or...

57 Important Questions To Ask When Viewing A Property For Sale

  Top Questions buyers should ask when considering purchasing a home Our friend Joe Shervell of London England has created an interesting infographic on behalf of...

Avoid common mistakes made by first-time home buyers (Infographic)

Helpful tips for First Time Buyers in an infographic format.

Protecting your home from some common hazards (Infographic)

How to protect your home from Hazards Our friends from 'down under' have sent us a very helpful infographic.  Byron Jayne, the Director of Gutter...

Decluttering Your Home In 4 Weeks

Thinking of selling your home? Now is the time to start decluttering. Here is a great infographic to help you declutter your house or condo in a month, either for the sale or just for yourself.

The Story of Houzz – The Home Design Platform – Infographic

Infographic on the rise of Houzz, the Home Design and Improvement Platform.

16 Fantastic Outdoor Christmas Decorations (Infographic)

16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations by Terrys Fabrics. 16 Fantastic Outdoor Christmas Decorations for your Home

Modern Technologies to help Santa Clause (infographic)

Modern Technologies to help Santa infographic Courtesy of: | Author: David Adelman | Visit our Pinterest

6 Super Valuable Renovation Ideas For Small Homes

Some of the most valuable home renovation ideas specifically for smaller homes. Tips to get the highest rate of return on your investment when renovating.

5 Quick & Easy Do It Yourself Plumbing Hacks (Infographic)

Do It Yourself Plumbing Tips Our friends at radiatorvalves4u.co.uk came up with this neat infographic showing 5 great do it yourself plumbing tips. As homeowners, we should be...