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Winnipeg Home Buying News & Tips

Article Hub of Home Buying Information.  Tips, advice and news for Winnipeg house and condo buyers.

4 Top Mortgage Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Most likely than not, you are going to take a mortgage loan to purchase your new home. This is easier than saving until you...

Rising Interest Rates – Best Course Of Action For Home Buyers

Bank of Canada mortgage Interest rates have increased, affecting home buyers in all price ranges. Buy now or hold off? Reasons to buy now include...

3 Simple Tips To Make Money In Real Estate – Flipping...

Different ways to make money in real estate include flipping homes. Here are some tips to get would-be investors started on this potentially profitable..

Mortgage Insurance or Life Insurance: Home buyers choices

Mortgage Insurance or Life Insurance? Which is the better choice for home buyers? There are significant differences in the benefits bet. them. #LifeInsurance #Mortgage #MortgageInsurance #HomeBuying #ProtectYourInvestment #Winnipeg #FirstTimeBuyers

7 worst mistakes made by first time home buyers in Winnipeg...

Advice for first time home buyers. Here are 7 mistakes to be avoided in your search for your first home. Avoiding these will save you money.

Mortgage Payment Calculator for Winnipeg House and Condo Buyers

Figure out your mortgage payments with this mortgage payment calculator. Buying your first home? Renewing an existing mortgage? This calculator is for you! #HomeBuying #Mortgage #Calculator #MortgagePayment #Winnipeg

Private Sales: 6 Important Things Home Buyers Need To Know

Traditionally, a home is bought or sold with the help of a real estate agent. However, that person is usually paid a 3-6 percent...

Infographic: 6 Steps To Assure A Successful Home Buying Journey

Buying a house or condo in any market is an important step.  In fact, it's a series of steps that, if taken in the...

Buying a house or condo in Winnipeg in 2017: 6 Important...

Buying a house or condo is likely the largest financial step you will ever take. Here are 6 steps and a video to help prepare you for the journey.

Buying An Investment Condo: The 4 Top Things You Need To...

When buying a condo, whether for investment purpose or to be your own home, there are a few things to look for. To make re-sale easier, look for condos that include a parking spot, insuite laundry, a balcony or patio, and a good location. Too many old style apartment blocks have been converted into condos and do not offer any (or many) of these features, and owners may find reselling them in a few years to be a tough nut to crack.

Financing Tips For Buying Your First Home

Thinking of buying your first home? Here are some financing tips to help you get started.

5 Top Things To Look For When Buying An Older Home

Buying an older home brings a few challenges, things to look out for. Here are the top 5 things to look for when buying an older home in Winnipeg.

Home Buyer Webinar – Winnipeg Buyers Online Seminar – Bo Kauffmann...

Whats better than a home buying seminar? Answer: A home buying WEBINAR. Learn about the home and condo buying process from the comfort of your home. Ask questions, learn about your mortgage options and how to write a winning offer.

5 Great Tips For Turning A New House Into Your Home

Five Tips for Making a New House a Home A lot of people realize after they move into their new houses that mortgage payments do...

First Full Day In Your New Home: Where Do You Start?

Moving into your new home can be exciting. It’s a brand new start, and at the end of what is often a lengthy process,...

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