Protecting your home from some common hazards (Infographic)


Protecting your home from some common hazards (Infographic)

How to protect your home from Hazards

Our friends from ‘down under’ have sent us a very helpful .  Byron Jayne, the Director of Gutter Masters of Perth, Australia has created this and thought we might like to share it with our readers  (He was right!)

Wherever you live in the world, be it in a mild climate or a severely cold climate, you can become subjected to extreme weather conditions. It definitely helps to be as prepared as you possibly can be in advance of the harsh weather hitting and the first place to start is with your home.

There are a number of relatively cheap things you can do around the house to help protect your home from the hazards. Checking your and doors for drafts, leaks and swelling is a good starting point. Draft proofing the house is a great way to keep the heat inside and limit the likelihood of leaks. For example, replacing weather stripping around doors and ; filling cracks or holes on the outside of your house; and putting draft snakes on window sills, between window frames and against doors; will have an immediate positive impact on the structure of your house.

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