How To Pack Your Tools And Garage Equipment

Packing your tools for the big move


When it’s time to move, it’s important to have a solid packing plan. You’ll want to create a calendar of packing goals and ask friends and family for help. One area that many people forget about packing is the garage. With odd-shaped items, furniture, electric tools, and more, you can’t always count on normal packing procedures and supplies to help. Use these tips when packing up your garage and tools before a move:


  • Sell or donate items you no longer need. Just like you would with belongings inside of your home, you should sort garage items as you pack. Set aside those belongings you haven’t used in awhile – and don’t foresee yourself using in the near future – and things for which you have doubles. And we all know there’s probably a lot of junk stashed away in your garage cabinets or attic, so take time to decide what you need to keep. Then, hold a moving sale and get rid of the rest.
  • Get rid of items that cannot be transported. Every moving company has a list of things they won’t move for you – and things that you probably shouldn’t attempt to move by yourself due to potential danger. Such items often include hazardous materials, such as bleach, gas, paint thinner, fireworks, and pool chemicals, as well as perishable items like plants, animals, and certain foods.
  • When packing, group together items of similar shape and size. Not everything will fit into a box, and that’s okay. But you should still attempt to make transporting all items as easy as possible. That means bundling belongings like rakes, shovels, brooms, etc., together for simpler transport.
  • Transport tools in your toolbox. Just be sure the box is fastened securely. For sharp-edged tools, wrap them with old towels or blankets so no one gets injured when moving them.
  • Prepare bigger items for transport. In other words, drain power tools of gas and oil. Unplug anything electric and then wrap and secure their cords.
  • Put smaller items in boxes. Yes, boxes can still be used for garage items. Use newsprint to keep your stuff safe and secure, and be sure to label the boxes thoroughly so you can find what you need upon moving in.


Garages can hold a lot of other items – bikes, trash cans, vehicles, etc. – so if you need guidance on how to pack something specific, ask someone you know or search the Internet for advice. Happy packing!


David Shapiro is a marketing specialist for moving companies such as Allied Van Lines. He loves to travel, hike, and play basketball.

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Stevin Rafi

This article helps me a lot in earning knowledge about different types of home tools. This article has lots of information which help me a lot. Tools made our life much easier.

Audrey Greenwood

Wow, my dad needs to read this! His garage is a mess! I think even with packing boxes all over his garage, he'll still find someway to have things spilling out on to the floor and work bench… It's such a natural disaster area, we're short of renting a box shed for him in the farden so we have the use of the garage again!

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