Owners Quick How-To Guide For Simple Home Repairs

Owners Quick How-To Guide for Simple Home Repairs

simple home repairs

Home owners should learn some basic and simple home repairs

Some Quick & Simple Home Repairs

When you own a home, things always break and have to be repaired. Unless you want to call repairmen every single day, you should be able to do some fixing around the house by yourself. You do not have to be too skilled with tools in order to be able to do most of these. Whether you want to sell your house or you just want to earn some money it is good to have a few tricks in your pocket which can definitely save the day. Just follow these simple guidelines, get some practice, and there will be no need to spend too much money on repairmen.

Patching a hole in a drywall

As long as you do not plow your car through the wall, patching holes really falls into the category of simple home repairs. The smallest holes you are going to face are screw or nail holes in places where things like pictures and TVs used to be. First of all you should make sure that there is no dust left in the hole. Afterwards you should put some spackle in it and let it dry. Use to sandpaper to sand it down and make sure that it is completely flat. The only thing left to do is to apply a coat of paint on it, depending in the colour of your walls. For bigger holes (for example if a fist or a doorknob goes through the wall) you will have to cut a rectangular shape around the hole and fill everything up with some scraps or a small piece of wood. After that, you should add scrape until it is mostly flat. Then you use sandpaper and paint just like with the smaller holes.

Repairing furniture

Chair legs and closet shelves can easily break and it is up to you to either fix them or change them. Chair legs can usually be glued or screwed back if the damage is not too big, but if it is, you may have to do all change them completely or buy new chairs. Shelves from the closets are easily taken out and replaced; the only thing you have to do is unscrew them and install the new ones. For jobs like this, you might want to use cordless tools so you can have more mobility. Makita cordless tools may be just what you need. With proper tools you will be able to change any broken shelves and other furniture parts.

Unclogging the drains

You probably call the plumber when your toilet gets clogged, but there is no need to do that because you can unclog it yourself, it really is a one of the simple home repairs you can do. What many people do not know is that there is a difference between a toilet and a sink plunger. Proper toilet plungers do not have that traditional wide open-faced plunger's shape. They actually have extra material extending from the bellows which can fit the toilet drain. You should pour enough water into the bowl to submerge the head part of the plunger and give it around 10 downward thrusts. This should be enough to deal with any minor clogs. If this does not help, you should get a toilet auger, which is more expensive than a plunger but can help you with tougher clogs. You run it down the toilet and get the grip on the clog which you can then pull out.

Be sure you know what to do when things get broken around the house. Calling repairmen every time something is broken or is not working will leave you broke in no time. Also, always keep looking for some new ways you repair around the house; once you get enough skills, there will be almost no need to call repairmen.

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