Moving To A New Home? Here Are Notifications You Should Make

Notifications You Should Make When You Move

Packing services are saying, there's a lot of moving parts when it comes to packing up your belongings and hauling them to a new home. When thinking about moving, most people seem to be entirely occupied by thoughts of when to officially make the move, how to budget for it, and whether or not they've packed all their treasured goods into the appropriate brown boxes. What people tend to overlook, however, is the nitty-gritty details surrounding their move. To help ensure your transition is as smooth as possible, here are the areas commonly overlooked during the planning process.

Notifications You Should Make When You Move notificationsOfficially Changing Your Address

This is a palm to forehead moment, and it happens quite frequently. People completely forget to notify the appropriate parties about their change of address. Somehow, in the back of people's minds, they believe their address will automatically change over on all the necessary documentation when they finally make the big move. But, unfortunately, that isn't the case. If you don't personally go into your accounts and change your address, everything will continue to be delivered to your old address and likely be sent back to the post office. The best course of action to take is visiting the postal service online and logging an official change of address request in their system.

Credit Cards and Banks

Make sure for all your credit cards and your bank are properly switched over to your new address. With it being the age of the internet, all of this can be easily done online with little to no stress!

Notifications You Should Make When You Move notificationsUtilities Companies

This is an important area that is frequently overlooked. Unfortunately, most apartments do not include utilities, and on top of paying your rent each month, you also have to pay to keep the lights on. Make sure you call your utility company to notify them of your change of address so your electricity and utility services can be changed over to your new establishment.

Your Job

It's important to notify your employer that you're changing addresses. Not only for legal purposes, but so that they have it on file that you've moved. Check stubs, W-2's, and other similar documentation must reflect your correct address in order to ensure there are no headaches down the road when filing taxes. And, just in case of an emergency, your employer will have the right information on file to contact you.

Your Drivers License

This is a lot, right? There are so many little aspects of moving that make the whole process one big bundle of stress. You need to notify the DMV of a change of address so that change can be reflected on your driver's license and license plate, if necessary. But, there's no need to wait on the long lines of the DMV – you can simply go online and change your address and have a new one sent in the mail if you are moving within the same state.

Your Income Tax Folks  (IRS or CRA)

Probably one of the most important institutes that need to be notified of your change of address is the IRS. Yes, the IRS. Let's say you file your taxes and you end up owing for that year. The IRS will be sending you information and they will not let you off the hook if you tell them that you haven't been getting their mail due to not informing them of a move. Make sure you call or go online to fill out the proper forms to reflect the change.


Don't forget to tell your closest pals about your new address. After all, you want to keep in touch, don't you? Whenever it's a long distance move or short distance, you should always keep your pals up to date If you're moving for the first time, it's certainly a learning process. Even if you've totally forgotten to notify one of the above places and you're currently reading this in your new apartment, you still have time to correct your oversight and ensure the appropriate parties are informed on where you're currently living.

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