Myths and Misconceptions About Metal Roofs


Myths and Misconceptions About Metal RoofsWhile a shingle roof is often the cheaper option, it simply can’t compare to the longevity, durability, and protectiveness of metal roofing. However, not many people realize its benefits because of various myths and misconceptions about metal roofs that have circulated for a long time. No more, we say. Let’s dispel these worries and fears to help you better understand just how beneficial metal roofs can be.

Myth: Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

This misconception primarily stems from confusion about what conductivity means. Metal is definitely more conductive of electricity—this is true. But that doesn’t make it a lightning rod. Metal roofs are just as safe as other types of roofing. If you speak with your contractor while performing renovations, you’ll learn of metal roof options that are better at combating lightning. This will clear up this myth if you still have reservations and would like more peace of mind. The bottom line is that metal roofing doesn’t attract lightning. Moreover, the likelihood of lightning striking your home depends more on your location and the local climate.

Myth: Metal Roofs Are Outdated

When many people think of metal roofs, they think of old tin roofs on barns and silos. This causes many people to consider metal roofs reserved for industrial use on buildings that prioritize practicality over aesthetics. Luckily, this is not the case. Metal roofs for homes are of much higher quality than many alternatives and come in many material compositions and designs to fit your aesthetic the best.

Myth: Metal Roofs Are Heavy

Metal can actually be one of the lightest materials to use in roofing. While the weight varies depending on what metal you use for the roof, materials like aluminum can weigh a mere 50 pounds per square (100 square feet), whereas traditional shingles may weigh a heftier 500 pounds per square. The weight for shingles further adds up, as many people replace shingles by simply putting new ones over the old ones.

Myth: Metal Roofs Are Noisy

The final myth or misconception about metal roofs that we’ll touch upon is that they’re deafeningly noisy whenever it rains. This may have been the case 50 years ago. However, modern installation methods have solved this issue by incorporating padding material between the metal roof and the underlying plywood decking. This can eliminate all the noise of the rain against the roof. And installers can even take it a step further by allowing you to fine-tune how much noise you hear should you find the pattering of rain relaxing.

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