7 Things To Do When You Move Into A New Home

Things to do when moving into your new home

Every move is a mixture of trepidation and excitement. On moving day, you might allow the stress to get the best of you at one point or another. But with just a little bit of well-timed planning and a reliable to-do list, you can make the most complex of moves more enjoyable and be ready to fully enjoy your new home.

Here are seven things you should be doing when moving, in no particular order:

1. Know Your Way Around

For starters, you want to make sure you know where everything is in your new home. And by everything, we mean the fuse box, the main water valve, the outdoor water valve, and any other electricity/heating/water supply control system the home has.

You may need to fiddle with all of them as you are moving in, especially if you are redoing some of the lighting fixtures, so be sure to locate all the main controls before moving day.

2. Do a Very Deep Clean

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Another task you should be prioritizing before moving is giving the new place a very thorough and deep clean, from top to bottom. No matter how tidy the previous owners were, moving means dust and debris. There will be plenty of it to clean before your own stuff is safely housed.

Ideally, you want to hire someone for the task if you can, so you don't have to think about it at all. If not, you might want to devote several days of your time to this task alone.

3. Meet Your Neighbours

As moving day is usually a flurry of trucks, boxes, and haste, you might want to meet your neighbours beforehand. You don't need to go knocking on doors, but if you happen to run into someone leaving their house or flat, you may want to take the opportunity to chat.

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If you're moving into a flat and plan on doing some noisy repairs, make sure to notify your fellow residents. There's usually a notice board you can use, and you'll make a good impression by giving them a heads up.

4. Write out a List of Essentials

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Unless you are among the most organized people on the planet and can memorize long lists of items, you want to write out a list of things you will need on those first few days after moving. You'll thank your past self for preparing these items beforehand.

This usually involves three square meals that are easy to make and store, your basic bath products, and a clean set of clothes for each day. Pack all of this into separate boxes and clearly label them, so you know they need to stay within reach.

You may also need certain appliances to be readily available, such as your coffee machine or an iron and ironing board. A set of cleaning paraphernalia will also come in handy. Lastly, don't forget a book or other means of entertainment if your TV won't be hooked up on day one.

5. Go Shopping

A move also often entails acquiring some new items. You might be able to use most of your old furniture, or you might be looking to kit out the new place with entirely new pieces. Whatever the case may be, certain items will certainly make it onto your shopping list.

Start by making yet another list of priorities. Tick off the most important (and often the most expensive) items first. If you're a twosome, you may want to look into a new mattress that will make your new home comfier. How you sleep can significantly impact your mood, so you don't want to be waking up broken and bleary-eyed.

Work your way down your list, and remember to take all the measurements you need in advance.

6. Pack Wisely

Things to do when moving into your new homeImage source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/packed-boxes-on-wooden-table-7217849/

The best possible way to pack is room by room. That way, you can just land the boxes in the appropriate space. Another way to make packing easier is to colour-code the boxes and the rooms.

If you are hiring a moving company, you want to show them a blueprint of the space. Clearly mark what the spare bedroom and master bedroom are or what the dining room will be.

Moving is also the best possible time to declutter your possessions. So, use this opportunity to get rid of everything you don't actually need or use. Go Marie Kondo on your old place, and recycle or donate everything you don't wish to pack up.

7. Change Your Address

Once you've settled in, you need to make sure that not only your family and friends know your new address. You'll need to notify your bank, your subscription services, and any other business that regularly sends you mail.

Here's a general overview of the kind of list you want to make. Start ticking items off it as soon as possible. You don't want to miss out on that catalogue or subscription box.

Final Thoughts

How you handle moving to a new home is ultimately a very personal matter. Perhaps you'll want to hire someone to do as much of the work as possible. Or, you may literally want to do everything yourself, from cleaning to driving the moving truck.

Whichever option suits you best, take some time to plan out your activities. Don't hesitate to write as many lists and reminders as you need. They will often save you a lot of stress in the end.

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