Most Common Materials Used For Home Windows

Most Common Materials Used for Home Windows

A home's windows play a vital role in the design concept, appeal, and energy efficiency. There are several different materials to choose from, and each has its own set of benefits. Selecting the right materials means complementing your home's character and contributing to its value. Here are the most common materials, as well as a rundown of how each could affect your home.


Wood is the most common material, even though it can experience a significant wear rate. Wood is a natural material, so it is vulnerable to pests, termites, weather damage, and annual maintenance. From a benefits point of view, wood is easy to customize and update, all while reducing the chances of condensation. Many people have existing wood-framed windows in their homes and prefer the organic material over others.


Nowadays, the modern and sleek design aesthetic is the go-to concept for interior and exterior design. A way to achieve this with a home is to use aluminum window treatments.

Aluminum windows were mainly commercial, but with increased demand, the residential use of aluminum has grown exponentially. One of the most significant benefits of using aluminum windows in your home is how affordable the material is, in addition to the material's ability to withstand the elements.


A vinyl window treatment uses a polyvinyl chloride composition, and many homeowners use this material in newer construction. One of the biggest benefits of a vinyl window frame is the energy efficiency, because they are airtight when installed properly, making it difficult for air to sneak in or out.

You can expect a vinyl window to last roughly 20 years before needing replacement because this material does not experience the same corrosion as wood. For homeowners looking to make some exterior updates, swapping old wooden windows with new vinyl treatments is a relatively common exchange.


A wood-clad window is an excellent addition to homes because this material gives the illusion of natural wood without the corrosive matter and strict upkeep. The lack of maintenance works well for busy individuals and helps maintain a home's curb appeal. The only downside to a wood-clad window material is the cost and the potential of cladding separation.


Composite windows are a combination of materials. You receive the best attributes of metal, wood, and vinyl wrapped into one sleek, durable design. Originally, composite was best for completing the windowsill, but over time grew into window frames and sills.

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Composite is extremely moisture-resistant, highly energy efficient, and effective in preventing rot. The only drawback is the price tag, but it is typically worth the money for a long-term investment.

If you're looking for an affordable way to increase your home's curb appeal, perform upgrades, or spike the value, consider some of these common window materials. Replacing the windows can do wonders for a home and ultimately impact the interior's cost-effectiveness.

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