Lived-In Look or Modern Minimalist? How do you stage your home?


Lived in Look or Modern Minimalist: How do You Stage?



#HomeStaging shows potential buyers of what it “could” look like if they were to decorate in a similar fashion. It shows them what the home looks like as if it were lived in. While many beautiful homes are staged in a clean fashion, could more of a lived-in look bring more realism into the experience? I’m not talking about pizza boxes stacked on the trashcan in the kitchen. However, could a sense of a realistic home resonate with potential buyers? What are some examples of staging for realism?

1. “Dirty” Clothes

In a real home, there is no doubt dirty clothes in a basket or hamper somewhere. In fact, you could find them strewn all over the bedroom if you have children. A realistic look would be to have some of these bits of clothing in hampers or even a shirt thrown onto the bed. I wouldn’t suggest using real dirty shirts, but the appearance of someone living in the room provides more of a realistic feel. Perhaps a few folded towels in the laundry room could add more life to the space?

2. Toys About the Room


If you’re staging a room for a child, why not be realistic and spread a few toys around. You don’t have to empty the toy box and scatter its contents, but a few well-placed toys here and there makes the room look lived in – which is the purpose of staging. Maybe a place-mat on the floor with a half built Lego house on it could suffice? Perhaps you could set up a handful of Hotwheels around a car track? Stuffed animals and open children’s books on the bed could be a touch of brilliance for those who have children themselves.

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3. Dish Drainer

If the home you are staging doesn’t have a dishwasher, then the future residents are going to use a drainer on the counter. Place a few clean dishes in this drainer to add that bit of personification you want to express. Some forks, spoons, glasses and plates can make it look like someone just finished washing a load of dishes. Placing a new sponge in the sink could be the finishing touch to that particular area.

4. Yards

Some areas that people tend to forget about is the yard. The property you are staging may have front and back yards that need a bit of personalization as well. A bike or two leaning up against the house adds some appeal. If your property allows pets, why not set up a dog house and food dishes in the backyard? Maybe a couple of cheap lawn chairs properly placed outside could exude a sense of a comfortable dwelling? It can help your potential buyer visualize what to expect with their own furnishings if he or she were to purchase the property.

Staging is all about making the home look lived in while it truly isn’t. While the “modern” look does have its charm, there has to be something said about the reality of home-life. Be creative in your staging and provide an appearance that can burn into the memories of those who visit the property. Whether it is a properly placed tie on the nightstand next to the bed or a bar of soap in the bathroom, realism can be more productive than you may realize.

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