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Global Water Crisis: Threat to humanity’s future? (Infographic)

Global Water Crisis Infographic Water is a basic human right, yet there is a constant and growing threat to our water supply, worldwide. Source: Pinterest: Discover...

House and Condo Space-Savers Encyclopedia (Infographic)

Space-Saver Infographic Our friends at Storage World send us this neat infographic.  We thought you would enjoy it also:

16 Fantastic Outdoor Christmas Decorations (Infographic)

16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations by Terrys Fabrics. 16 Fantastic Outdoor Christmas Decorations for your Home

Decluttering Your Home In 4 Weeks

Thinking of selling your home? Now is the time to start decluttering. Here is a great infographic to help you declutter your house or condo in a month, either for the sale or just for yourself.

Energy Consumption in Homes across Europe (Infographic)

Infographic: Energy Consumption in european homes We've just received this interesting infographic titled "Energy Consumption of Homes across Europe, designed for a U.K. company, Cast...

Paint Colours and Design Trends for Winter (Infographic)

Neat infographic showing some colour scheme ideas and design trends for the winter season. Great interior decorating ideas for your house or condo.

Infographic: How America became a nation of renters

More renters than owners?  How it happened! Our friends at P.M. Guardian sent us this neat infographic that shows how the shift, from owning to...

31 Great Cleaning Tips Pre-Sale Checklist For Your Home (Infographic)

To attract the best offers, your home must be ready, clean and stand up to the most discriminating and discerning buyers. Use this checklist to help you get your house or condo ready for the sale.

Buyers Remorse & Regrets

Infographic showing the 7 biggest regrets voiced by first time home buyers. Buyers remorse is real, here are suggestions on how to avoid them...

Introducing The Amazing Homes of World Political Leaders

Amazing Residences of the World's Leaders Every now and then, someone sends me some neat information that just screams to be shared.  This is the...

Staging Your Bedroom – Infographic

How to stage your bedroom. Infographic to help sellers stage one of the most important rooms in the house...the master bedroom.

The Story of Houzz – The Home Design Platform – Infographic

Infographic on the rise of Houzz, the Home Design and Improvement Platform.

Easy And Effective Cleaning Product Hacks For Your Home

Banana peels to shine shoes? Coke to clean toilets? Neat infographic showing dozens of everyday items pulling double-duty as cleaning products around the house.

Modern Technologies to help Santa Clause (infographic)

Modern Technologies to help Santa infographic Courtesy of: | Author: David Adelman | Visit our Pinterest

5 Surprising Benefits of Home Ownership (Infographic)

Home ownership has many benefits beyond saving money: This infographic shows some of the surprising bonus benefits of owning your own home.