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Comparing Solid Fuel and Gas Fireplaces

Comparing Fireplace Options: Our friends at Livingstone Fireplaces in Ireland sent us this great infographic, comparing the efficiency, benefits and costs of solid fuel fireplaces...

6 Super Valuable Renovation Ideas For Small Homes

Some of the most valuable home renovation ideas specifically for smaller homes. Tips to get the highest rate of return on your investment when renovating.

57 Important Questions To Ask When Viewing A Property For Sale

  Top Questions buyers should ask when considering purchasing a home Our friend Joe Shervell of London England has created an interesting infographic on behalf of...

Do It Yourself Tips For Homeowners

Handy infographic with dozens of do-it-yourself tips and graphics. Not everything should be done by the layman, but a lot of jobs can be handled by the homeowner with a little help.

How To Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home (Infographic)

Nice Infographic to show how you can bring the outdoors into your home. Decorating your home with unique materials from the outdoors.

REMAX advice on How to make your home more eco-friendly

Cost saving advice from the world-leader in real estate . Here is a neat infographic on how to make your home, house or condo, more eco-friendly....

5 Surprising Benefits of Home Ownership (Infographic)

Home ownership has many benefits beyond saving money: This infographic shows some of the surprising bonus benefits of owning your own home.

31 Great Cleaning Tips Pre-Sale Checklist For Your Home (Infographic)

To attract the best offers, your home must be ready, clean and stand up to the most discriminating and discerning buyers. Use this checklist to help you get your house or condo ready for the sale.

Home Buyers Timetable

One of the most common questions we receive is "What is a good time to buy a home?" While the answer...

16 Fantastic Outdoor Christmas Decorations (Infographic)

16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations by Terrys Fabrics. 16 Fantastic Outdoor Christmas Decorations for your Home

Buy or Rent? Home Ownership trends around the world

Home Ownership around the world . Every now and then it's nice to see how other places, and countries, compare in home ownership rates.  It helps...

Amazing Architecture in Australia (Infographic)

Awesome Australian Architecture . Our friends at Jackson Rowe Real Estate in Sydney, Australia developed this cool infographic highlighting some of Australia's architectural marvels.  They thought...

Infographic: How America became a nation of renters

More renters than owners?  How it happened! Our friends at P.M. Guardian sent us this neat infographic that shows how the shift, from owning to...

Home Improvement Projects That Add Value To Your Home

Infographic showing the best (and worst) home improvement projects to add value to your home. Not all projects give you the same return on your investment. Before you whip our that credit card, check out this graphic.

House and Condo Space-Savers Encyclopedia (Infographic)

Space-Saver Infographic Our friends at Storage World send us this neat infographic.  We thought you would enjoy it also: