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How To Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home (Infographic)

Nice Infographic to show how you can bring the outdoors into your home. Decorating your home with unique materials from the outdoors.

Staging Your Bedroom – Infographic

How to stage your bedroom. Infographic to help sellers stage one of the most important rooms in the house...the master bedroom.

Top 10 most expensive homes in the world

Take a look at these Ultra-Luxury Homes . We've just received this interesting infographic from Damien Grimes, in support of a company called "Do My Own...

Reducing your energy costs while cooling your home

Saving and reducing energy costs . As temperatures continue to rise across the world, more and more people are installing cooling systems in their homes and...

Newcomers-to-Canada Guide to Home-Buying (Infographic)

New Immigrants to Canada: Guide to buying a home Buying your first home is a big step, sometimes even a little intimidating.  Even more so...

Amazing Architecture in Australia (Infographic)

Awesome Australian Architecture . Our friends at Jackson Rowe Real Estate in Sydney, Australia developed this cool infographic highlighting some of Australia's architectural marvels.  They thought...

Easy And Effective Cleaning Product Hacks For Your Home

Banana peels to shine shoes? Coke to clean toilets? Neat infographic showing dozens of everyday items pulling double-duty as cleaning products around the house.

Energy use and waste in your home

How Energy gets used (and wasted) in your home . I came across this interesting article and infographic which shows the average home's energy use, and...

Infographic: 6 Steps To Assure A Successful Home Buying Journey

Buying a house or condo in any market is an important step.  In fact, it's a series of steps that, if taken in the...

How To Arrange Your Kitchen For Highest Efficiency (Infographic)

Infographic: Arranging your Kitchen Our friends at Noel Dempsey Kitchen Designs in Ireland sent us this neat infographic.  They believed our readers would be interested....and...

Modern Technologies to help Santa Clause (infographic)

Modern Technologies to help Santa infographic Courtesy of: | Author: David Adelman | Visit our Pinterest

Simple 5 Step Process To Declutter Your Home

Accumulated too much stuff? Need to declutter for the sale of your home, downsizing or moving away? Here is a 5-step infographic to help you declutter.. (Infographic)

Do It Yourself Tips For Homeowners

Handy infographic with dozens of do-it-yourself tips and graphics. Not everything should be done by the layman, but a lot of jobs can be handled by the homeowner with a little help.

Protecting your home from some common hazards (Infographic)

How to protect your home from Hazards Our friends from 'down under' have sent us a very helpful infographic.  Byron Jayne, the Director of Gutter...

The Story of Houzz – The Home Design Platform – Infographic

Infographic on the rise of Houzz, the Home Design and Improvement Platform.