5 Important Things A Great Real Estate Agent Provides

5 Important Things a Great Real Estate Agent Provides

Selling or buying a home can be a very stressful experience, and if you don't choose a great real estate agent, this will just make the process even worse.

Choosing the right real estate is extremely important because what you're going to find out is that every city will have hundreds to choose from.  With so many personalities and skill levels to choose from, here are five things a real estate agent should possess, whether you are going to buy a house or a condo, or sell a property.


When a real estate agent signs up for the job, they must abide by the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics.  While it can be hard to tell if your real estate agent is honest, there is one thing you can do to see how honest they truly are: ask for past referrals. 

If their past clients allow it, ask for at least three to five phone numbers and/or email addresses to see if you can talk to these clients to see what they thought about the process and agent.  When choosing any professional, referrals are key, so if you're hearing great things from contacting these past clients, then this can be a great sign.  

Another option is to check their online reputations via google, and also to check their status with the local Better Business Bureau.


We all know that first impressions are everything.  When you meet your agent for the first time, pay close attention to the way they present themselves.  Are they wearing a suit with a well-groomed face, or are we looking ripped up jeans and a t-shirt from 1992?  Remember, this agent will be representing you and other people as well.

Good Communication

Pay close attention to how fast your potential agent answers emails or phone calls.  If it's taking more than 24 hours to receive a call back, do you really want to have this sort of communication while you have questions that need answers fast? 

Think about it for a second:  If your agent wasn't responding fast enough, you could miss out on your dream home because the seller had a bid deadline.  Now, your agent doesn't need to answer within 10 minutes, but frankly, a great real estate agent should answer by the end of the business day.

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When preparing to buy or even sell a home, a real estate agent should be able to offer you all the statistics they found out about your home.  This should include a Comparative Market Analysis, a process where the agent will tour your home, look at homes similar to yours and suggests a price.  If your agent doesn't even bother to do this, it more than likely shows your agent isn't willing to put in much effort to get you the best price possible.


No matter where you live, there are going to be other homes for sale.  So the question is:  What is your real estate agent going to do to make sure your home sticks out?  Selling a house today is more than plopping a sign in the front yard and telling a few neighbours.  Talk with your agent to see what they can do for you to attract more eyeballs.   This could include using a drone to take overhead pictures, writing great descriptions or even how they write their advertisements.  It's up to you if you think it's creative or not.

These are five of the many things you should expect from any agent.  If you feel the agent you're interviewing doesn't hold these traits, then you may want to play it safe and move onto the next.  You deserve a great real estate agent.  Do you agree?

This is a guest post by Stephanie Lynch from Howmuchisit.org.


5 Important Things a Great Real Estate Agent Provides great real estate agentAbout the Publisher

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