How To Sell Your Home While Living With Kids

Sell your home while living with kids

Selling with kids
Selling your home while living in it with kids

If you’re lucky to be living and selling in a very hot market, you may not have to deal with the issue of selling a house while living in it with children.  However, if the market is a little slower, or your home is in a higher price range, such as luxury homes in Winnipeg, you may be faced with this challenge.  So this article may be of help to you:

Smart Tips for Selling Your Home While Living in It With Kids

Selling your house is a big, fat scary undertaking that comes with a fair amount of exhilaration when potential buyers line up to take a gander at your home. Before that happens, though, you have to prep your humble abode for sale — and that means keeping it in tiptop shape for showings.

But don’t stress; we have some tips and tricks from the experts that will help you list and sell your home while working around your littlest residents.

Get kids to help you declutter

The first task, obviously, is to declutter. Enlist your kids’ help so they feel involved in the process, says Lauren Sheehan, a Realtor in Portland, OR.

Let them pack their own items

Buyers coming over? Field trip!

“Selling can be very disruptive to a family’s schedule, but try to make showing times fun so your kids get excited about showings instead of dreading them,” Curtis says. “Take them out to eat, go for ice cream, visit a relative or friend, go to the park, or stop by the library.”

Read more here….. Smart Tips for Selling Your Home While Living in It With Kids



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