How To Renovate In Fall For Selling In Spring

How To Renovate in Fall For Selling in Spring

Renovate in Fall…… to sell in Spring!

Renovate in Fall when Selling in SpringSpring is a good time to sell your home. There are many advantages to such decision, so you are definitely on the right track in case you want to make the best of your property. Selling in spring means you have every chance of striking a great deal. It also means that you have a lot of time in fall to prepare your home for selling.

There are certainly some areas you should try to improve and work on before you contact a real estate agent and put up your home for sale. Hiring a thorough cleaning service is no longer enough in terms of getting a prospective buyer interested in a property. There is a lot more to consider in terms of renovation and improvement, which you should complete before the cold weather of winter sets in. Here are few projects that you should complete in fall.

Change paint

The weather in fall is usually perfect for painting your home. People think summer is the best time, but humid weather is not ideal for applying paint. In fact you can ventilate the rooms and perform cleaning service afterwards without too much trouble. Having a new coat of paint is truly important. Consider neutral tones and colors, as buyers are normally after a more casual look. Introducing new coat of paint to your walls is especially important in case you have wallpaper. Consider painting the entire walls, don't resort to small areas and repair work.

Renovate flooring

You should determine if the carpeting of your home is old or it simply needs a good carpet cleaning. Don't underestimate the power of a good clean. In case your carpets are too old, it is wise to consider replacing them altogether. Hardwood is usually a good choice, as it is appealing to many buyers.

Prepare the basement, garage and attic

These areas of your home can truly tip the scales in your favour should you find yourself in negotiations with a prospective buyer. The extra space these rooms offer is truly a great asset to every home. Use the cool weather in fall to implement improvements, such as pegboards and shelving. A good cleaning goes a long way in getting the areas into presentable condition.

Improve the curb appeal of your home

Since first impressions are very important, you have to make sure that your home looks great on the outside. In case you have a garden, make sure that it looks beautiful and inviting. Take care of your lawn so that it looks fabulous in spring and clear all dead plants around. Patio cleaning is also important, just like making sure the exterior of your property is looking great.

De-personalise your home

The more neutral your home is, the easier it will be for the prospective buyer to picture themselves living there. It is a good idea to consult with a professional stager who can outline the points you should work on in order to achieve this. Updating light fixtures, replacing old furnishings and out of date décor are just few of the things to go after.

Make time in fall for each of these projects and you can be sure that selling your home next spring will be a success.

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