How To Prepare Your Home For Warm Weather

How To Prepare Your Home for Warm Weather Winnipeg is infamous for its unforgiving winters—after all, we didn’t build those skyways and tunnels for purely aesthetic reasons—but we enjoy all four seasons here on the prairie, albeit not in equal distribution. As warmer temperatures finally make their way north, and not a day too soon, we should make sure our houses are as well-equipped to manage the heat as they are the cold. Here’s how to prepare your home for warm weather, whether you’re a Winnipeg resident or visiting from warmer climes.

Smarten up That Thermostat

Now that we’ll be enjoying more time out of the house after a protracted hibernation period, you can save money on air conditioning expenses by teaching a smart thermostat to cut back on the cool air while you’re out. A smart thermostat offers further benefits over a mere programmable thermostat by allowing you to control them remotely. They can even learn your schedule and heat or cool your home accordingly.

Make Sure the Air Conditioner Is Ready

Of course, if your air conditioner isn’t in working order, it won’t matter how smart your thermostat is. A lot can go wrong with your air conditioner over the winter, and you may notice some unusual behaviors from your AC unit such as a feeble airflow, a little more humidity than you’d expect, or an odd smell wafting from the ducts. Make sure the air conditioner is at peak performance before you use it.

Keep the Water Out

We’ve all memorized the rhyme about April showers, but it’s the hot and heavy summer thunderstorms you really need to look out for. Summer storms often bring torrential downpours, and without clean gutters and properly aligned downspouts, that precipitation can wind up working its way through your foundation walls. When the rain ruins a summer day, don’t let it do any further damage to your home—keep your drainage system well-equipped to divert the downpour.

Keep the Bugs Out, Too

There’s an old joke here in Manitoba that the official provincial bird is the mosquito. Dealing with the pesky insects each summer, however, is no laughing matter. Part of how to prepare your home for warm weather is to prepare for the increased insect activity that the warm weather brings, whether it’s ants, mosquitos, or any other unwanted houseguests. Set traps, put down repellents, and bust up any developing wasp hives—from a distance, of course—before you have a whole colony to deal with.

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