How To Make Your Pond Safe To Swim In Again

How To Make Your Pond Safe To Swim in Again

How To Make Your Pond Safe To Swim in AgainIf the home you own has a pond on the property, that's great! Ponds that are well-maintained bring beauty and nature right into your buyer's backyard. A pond that is safe to enter is a huge selling point for your property, especially for families with small children and pets. Here are some tips on how to make your pond safe to swim in again so you can use it to attract new home buyers.

Treat and Remove Algae Blooms

Algae blooms don't present an immediate danger and are a normal part of having a pond. However, the smell of algae as it dies is incredibly off-putting, and the blooms can easily choke out any plants or fish you have stocked in your pond. The danger for children when it comes to ponds with excessive algae growth is slipping on the substance when entering and potentially hitting their heads.

Removing and preventing algae is the best bet for promoting the safety of your residential pond. It is important to understand what algae are present and what your options are for controlling pond algae before beginning removal.

Test Water Regularly

Demonstrating that the water is regularly tested or having a tool on hand to do it right away can be reassuring for homebuyers who are cautious about a pond's safety. Most test kits, such as pH test kits, will be to measure the health of the water with fish or aquatic plants in mind.

To protect family members and buyers, you will want to use a test kit to find any harmful bacteria present as well. While these tests range in price and capabilities, in-depth results are worth more to homeowners.

Know What’s Below the Surface

Jumping right into a pond is still a scary prospect for new buyers, even if it looks pristine. If you built the pond or still have the diagrams from when it was installed, providing accurate measurements about the pond's depth and lining is deeply reassuring.

With as much accuracy as possible, detailing the pond's systems and any issues allows buyers to get a better picture of what living beside the pond and maintaining it will be like. Being forthcoming with this information not only helps buyers make an informed choice but also allows them to trust you more as a seller.

Choosing to make your pond safe to swim in again is a chore worth undertaking. Luckily for sellers who aren't looking to tackle this task alone, pond management companies are available and serve as a great resource for homeowners looking to improve their property before it's listed.

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