House And Condo Space-Savers Encyclopedia

House and Condo Space-Savers Encyclopedia (Infographic)

Space-Saver Infographic

Our friends at Storage World send us this neat infographic.  We thought you would enjoy it also:

House and Condo Space-Savers Encyclopedia (Infographic)

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I have always been that everything has a place, and every place has something to put there. I like to be able to walk out in my shop and almost with my eyes closed go put my hand on a tool. Also, I like to be able to tell someone exactly where to find something. Spending time looking for what I need because it is out of place has always bothered me.

As a result seeing this and reading the ideas about how to organize better sure seems like a good idea to me. I have some children and grandchildren I am going to send the link to this page.

Great information and I even learned a few things.


The best infographics I ever see in my life for home decoration. If we follow above instructions and rules we can get some financial benefits as well as we can optimize the things in our home.

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