Home Staging Tip #1: Air Quality, Pets and Odours


Quick Tip #1: Air Quality, Pets and Odours


Home Staging Tip #1: Air Quality, Pets and Odours
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Even in a hot such as , home buyers DO have choices. In order to get the most money possible for their houses or , home sellers are starting to pay attention to . A very popular trend in Ontario, where it is estimated that 1 in 4 homes are staged prior to going on the market. does not have to involve professional help or cost thousands of dollars, it could simply be a matter of touching up some paint, decluttering, arranging the furniture in a certain way and other simple suggestions. Remax has created a 10-part video series to help house and condo sellers stage their own homes. Lets take a look at the first video in this series:

: Air Quality

In this short video, home sellers are encouraged to take a closer look (or sniff) at the air quality in their homes. Is yours an older home, suffering from mold or mildew issues? Do you enjoy cooking spicy foods on an regular basis? Do you smoke inside the home? All of these issues can seriously and negatively affect the sale of your home.

Pet Odors

Pets can be another issue affecting air quality. Does your doggie smell? Does your cat shed a lot of hair, which can trigger a potential buyers allergies? Suggestion: Remove the pets prior and during the showings.

Holiday Celebrations

This video also reminds us that home buyers come in all ethnic and religious denominations. So if you are selling your home during the Christmas Season, for example, you might consider keeping the christmas decorations to a minimum. Buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in this home.


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