Home Security: 5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Home Safe and Secure


What Time Do Most Burglaries Take Place

Is your home safe and secure? If you answered “yes” to this question you may be surprised.  According to Statistics Canada, residential break-ins occur in Canada every 90 seconds. Surprised? What if you learned more than 80 percent of all break-ins take place during daylight hours? Shocking, right?  If you’re concerned about home security, read on.

When most people hear the term “burglary,” they instantly picture someone wearing a mask and sneaking around their home during the twilight hours. However, as it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, over four times as many burglaries occur during the daylight hours than they do at night, but why is this the case?

The truth of the matter is most burglars don’t want to be seen or make contact with occupants of the homes they’re trying to rob. In fact, most burglars are nothing more than small time criminals in search of jewelry and other small items to pawn for cash.

More often than not, burglars are just as afraid of getting caught by you as you are of them. Since more people are at home during the night than they are during the day, including neighbours, it makes more sense for burglars to snoop around when the sun is high in the sky and no one is home.

If you’re like most households, you’re usually at work and your kids are at school Monday-Friday week in and week out. A burglar who breaks into your home during this time has likely been scoping your house out to learn your schedules and make sure no one will be home.

They can also check out your home’s security system, or lack there of, during the day. In a neighbourhood with lax security, a serial burglar can walk right into a home with little difficulty and look just like they’re returning home.

Of course, nighttime burglaries do still occur and should be a concern. A burglar without the wherewithal to realize the advantages the daylight hours provide, or one who preys on vacationing homeowners during the holidays or summer months, may try to break in at night.

The key is to ensure your home stays protected just as well during the day when you’re away as it is at night when you’re home with the family and snoozing away. Keep reading to find out how.

5 Smart Burglary Prevention Tips

1Invest In a Home Security System

A home security system is the absolute best way to deter burglars from snooping around your property. Today, there are a myriad of home security options available. From exterior cameras and light timers to motion-activated sensors that can automatically alert you via an app on your phone, there’s never been a worse time to be a burglar than right now.

Not only is home security technology better than ever before, but the prices are lower than they’ve ever been. Knowing this, there’s no reason to leave the lights on during the day when a simple press of a button can switch them to a periodic timer to make it look like you’re home. Take advantage of today’s technology and get some helpful gadgets. Depending on your insurer, a home security system may lower your home insurance premiums as well.

2Install Quality Door Locks

Simple pushbutton locks found on doorknobs are easy pickings for burglars. Strong deadbolt locks, on the other hand, can discourage potential burglars and minimize break ins by making their job a little bit more difficult.

That being said, high-quality locks are only good if you use them, so make sure all of your home’s exterior doors are locked from the inside and dead bolted whenever you’re home or away. Keyless door locks, or smart locks, make this incredibly easy. Thanks to smart technology, you can lock and unlock your home’s doors with a simple press of a button on your phone or tablet. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

You should also have the locks changed immediately whenever you lose your keys or move into a new home. If you’re moving into a new home, who knows how many keys to the property are floating around out there. Not changing the locks is only asking for trouble.

3Be a Good Neighbour

Knowing your neighbours will help with your home security

Friendly neighbours often look out for one another, and while sometimes a little nosiness can be annoying, it can also pay off dividends when it comes to protecting your home. Who knows? By getting to know the people in your neighbourhood, the lady down the street with the two Chihuahuas may alert you if she spots a van casing your home while you’re at work.

You can even take things a step further and form a neighbourhood watch group. By working together with your neighbours, you can create a safe and burglar-free neighbourhood.

4Close the Blinds

Open blinds, even during the day, can tempt would-be burglars into checking out the goods inside your home. From the 72-inch Samsung TV hanging on the wall in your living room to your nice leather furniture and fancy light fixtures, anything in your home can catch a burglar’s eye as they’re walking or driving by.

The solution to this is a simple one: close the blinds! While you don’t have to live in a dark dungeon, you should close your blinds at night and while you’re away during the day to keep burglars driving by your home and onto the next.

5Store Valuables In a Safe

Most burglars head straight to the bedroom after breaking into a home in search of jewelry, watches, cash, and any other small valuables. Unfortunately, the majority of people, especially trusting Canadians, keep all of their valuables in that very spot. Worse yet, very few store them in a personal safe.

No burglar wants to draw attention to themselves by dragging a big heavy safe out the front door for everyone to see. Even fewer want to take the time to cut through bolts, break codes, and learn the ins and outs of safe cracking. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to protect your valuables by putting them in a safe rather than out in the open.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re out of the house for a day or a month, following these tips will help make it an undesirable target and keep it secure. Although there are several measures you can take to prevent a burglary, a home security system is by far one of the most effective. It’s the extra layer of protection your home needs to remain guarded when you’re away!

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