Home Owners Insurance Questionnaire ( PDF Guide)

Home Owners Insurance is a requirement in most provinces and states.  If you are getting a mortgage on your newly purchased home, the lender (bank, credit union etc) will not loan the money until they are satisfied that their investment (your home) is covered by insurance.

Insurance companies will ask a series of questions about your new home.  They will want to know the basics such as type of construction, size, age of the home etc.  They will also want to know more specifics, such as age of furnace, electrical systems, plumbing, etc.

My friend Darcy Cook of RA Hughes Insurance (Providing peace of mind since ’29) helped me to create this easy to use sheet which covers MOST of the questions an insurance company will want to know.

How to use this Home Owners Insurance Questionnaire:

Fill out this information for yourself.  Do not fax or hand it to the insurance company, but have it ready to answer any questions they might have.  Please note that this form is created for the home owners convenience, as a tool, and is not designed or promoted to be an all inclusive, all exhaustive information sheet.  You can print it, share it, give it away, to your hearts content.  Please don’t alter it.

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