Home Inspection Issues That Kill The Sale Of A Home

Top Home Inspection Problems that kill the sale


#Winnipeg real estate market currently has more available houses and condos than any time in the recent past.  What this means for the home seller is

1) Your home may be facing competition from other listings

2) There is an increased possibility that the buyer may ask for a Home Inspection of your home, prior to finalizing the deal

3) Buyers have more options, and are more picky about the houses they select


Comparing #Winnipeg real estate market to last year

I came across this really great article, listing the Top Home Inspections that can and often will kill the sale of a house.  Take a look!

Top Home Inspection Issues

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This is a real issue. I work with inspectors and they’re always fearful of pissing off agents because of shit like this. At the end of the day, clients should understand that if the deck is sagging a dramatic amount, it’s going to fail the inspection. Move on! Great article, thansk!

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