Home Decor Trends In Different Parts Of North America

Home Decor Trends in Different Parts of North America

Home Decor in North America

Everyone approaches home decoration differently and, when decorating on your own, you can do whatever you want and introduce all sorts of decorations. You can follow current home decor trends and tendencies, but take the surroundings into consideration as well. Here's how the place where you live shapes leading decoration trends.

The Deciding Factor

When looking at home decor trends on a global level, you can notice different leading tendencies. Most importantly, it's about the region – decorating trends in the Far East aren't the same as the tendencies found in Europe. If you want to decorate your home in an oriental style, you have to incorporate certain ideas that you don't find in Western homes.

Other factors such as the climate and the economy aren't limited to just region-to-region differences, you can also find various trends in the same part of the world, so here are a few trends in different parts of North America.

Home Decor Trends in Different Parts of North America home decor trendsThe USA

With such a vast space as the USA, one of the most depending factors of home decoration is the climate.  Homes in Florida are quite different from the ones in Illinois, right? You simply have to include or avoid certain things if you want a pleasant atmosphere in your own home, and should decorate your house in accordance with the conditions predominant in your region.

The same goes for patterns and materials that are usually used – while states like Virginia and Milwaukee prefer damask/stripes combo, people on the West Coast opt for plaid and Aztec motives. But, if you want a classic American house, you have to have a garden, a porch and some columns, as well as carpets, sofas and a proper dining table.

Home Decor Trends in Different Parts of North America home decor trendsHome Decor Trends in Canada

Speaking of the weather, it's only natural that Canadian houses are much warmer and more insulated. It's also no surprise that more and more people decide that winter is the time to buy a home. In addition to a warm and homely feeling of their houses and apartments, Canadians also love open space, lots of decorations and are quite good at mixing different patterns, colors and materials.

On the other hand, they also keep track of the current trends and incorporate contemporary decorations into their homes. That's why you can find items like decorative mirrors, hand-woven rugs, porcelain flower pots and unique bedside lamps in a number of Canadian homes.

Home Decor Trends in Different Parts of North America home decor trendsCosta Rica

Now, if you want to see real tropical culture, spend some time in Costa Rica. This wonderful country offers you a chance to relax and investigate which decorative trends are popular in hot surroundings. Everything is open, there's lots of air and much less decorations than in the USA and Canada – less pillows, less carpets and definitely less warm blankets.

Bo Kauffmann Real Estate Agent Winnipeg

Costa Ricans respect tradition, which is why you can find folklore patterns and materials everywhere. Another thing they value is the sea, hence so many beach houses with huge patios here. But don't be surprised – there are lots of jungle homes as well, and these can be especially intriguing to decorate!

Home Decor Trends in Different Parts of North America home decor trends

How to Start Decorating?

No matter where you are, there are several elements of home decorating you should pay attention to – the budget, colors and style. The first two are completely up to you.  However the third is shaped by home decor trends of the region.  So try incorporating its history and tradition into your decorations.

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