Home Cleaning Tips For Spring 2022 - Covid-19 Cleaning Tips

Home Cleaning Tips for Spring 2022

Global pandemic has taught us many things, including that cleanliness is still king. And it all happened just before our most favorite season. It made things even much worse because the winter is finally starting to fade away slowly.  Here are some home cleaning tips to get your home clean, safe and smelling great.

Home cleaning tips

Making your home spell fresh is one of the home cleaning tips

Greenery will be back finally, blossoming trees and going outside is more tempting than ever. Yet, we all need to be responsible and do our part in saving this world. Yes, you've probably heard of things like ‘'oh it is not something dangerous, it is only a bit stronger flu'', ‘'it won't happen to me'' but that needs to stop. Here are some house cleaning hacks.

Healthy spring atmosphere

You all probably have older family members that have fragile health and they are the most vulnerable. Prove me if I'm wrong, but the only thing you need to do at this moment is to be with your family at home, doing what you like. That doesn't sound too complicated.

If you want to welcome spring in your home – you can do your spring cleaning for example! You can admire the beauty of the season through the sparkling clean windows and enjoy the new, breezy and fresh atmosphere in your home. And you have a few extra hands to help since the entire family is at home. So, follow our list and you will enjoy the spring spirit in your home pretty soon.

Clean and disinfect the surfaces

Clean and disinfectCleaning your home was never more complicated than in these times. COVID-19 made things more complicated and you heard different versions of how long this virus stays on different types of surfaces. On the flat and metal surfaces, and surfaces people are touching more often it could stay for 17 hours believe it or not.

So take extra precautions with these types of surfaces and clean them profusely with medicinal alcohol. Pay attention to your carpets also and try not to use heavy chemicals that could endanger the lives of your children or pets – natural is always the best option. Use warm water, baking soda, soapy water, and white vinegar.

Home Cleaning Tips include Wardrobe cleaning

This is everyone's worst nightmare. Doing laundry is always a never-ending story but the only thing worse that follows is wardrobe cleaning. Everything you haven't had to wear will probably fall on your head straight from the full wardrobe. You will literally feel the gravity of your words.

Jokes aside, it is time to get rid of the winter clothing and put it aside to wait for colder days. Then you can see what is left – are you going to wear that skirt you don't actually remember buying with a price tag still hanging?

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Well, you can agree with your family to collect all the clothing that is still in good condition and leave it in the box for a donation. There are a lot of tutorials on how you can fold your clothes and save more space.

Declutter before cleaning

Decluttering is part of home spring cleaning

Decluttering is part of home cleaning tips

Now it is time for de-cluttering of the things that you don't need. Start from the kitchen cabinets – throw away the things that are there for ages. Old cleaning products, boxes of cereals, everything that is in your way, needs to go away. Do not try to donate expired food, simply throw it away. If you have old magazines you never opened – they must go too.

Put away the winter jackets and winter boots, they will just annoy you when you trip over it. Let them wait for another season somewhere cozy and safe.

Also, remove the clutter from your bathroom – there are probably lots of different products that are probably expired. Put the bathroom rugs in the washing machine.

Maintenance and repairs

You probably have things to do around your house that are waiting for winter to pass. While you are in isolation you have a unique chance to tackle some maintenance and repairs around the house.

Plumbing is an important part and you can check on drains – use warm water, baking soda, and vinegar to clear the drains without damaging them.

Have you thought of these quick changes? Change the furniture arrangement and you will enjoy the new look of your room. If you are thinking about the new color of the walls, time is also ideal to start with preparations. You can also change the window inserts, soundproof your bedroom with acoustical panels and so much more!

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Also, you can wash and disinfect your walls – colors will probably look more vibrant once the walls are cleaner.

Dust and other allergens are lurking

Home Cleaning Tips for Spring 2022 home cleaning tipsUnfortunately, when the spring knocks on your door and you open it, there will probably be some other things that will enter your home. Spring is the time when nature revives, trees start blooming and pollen is back on the streets… literally!

Also, when the sun shines again in all of its glory again, you will see all the hidden places where the dust is lurking. Also, maybe few more spider webs

Seasonal allergies and allergies to dust are very common. Since you will be spending a lot of time in isolation it is time to take the heavy artillery out.

The first thing you need to do is vacuuming – first clean your furniture with a vacuum cleaner. After that use a steam cleaner to make sure that your furniture is germ-free.

You need to be careful about chemicals you are using to clean your furniture – for example, leather furniture is very sensitive and if you don't clean it properly it can be ruined. The safest option is to clean it with soap water and avoid heavy chemicals.

Wash your windows, curtains, and linens

Home Cleaning Tips for Spring 2022 home cleaning tips

Home cleaning tips: Make sure to include the windows

Germs, mites and bed bugs are probably your pets and you haven't had a clue. So it is time to deep clean your mattresses and linens. Use the steam cleaner to get the best results, put the linens in the washing machine.

It is time to wash the curtains and windows – or maybe put the new curtains with more vibrant colours to match the spring atmosphere. And you will have that amazing picturesque view of spring from the first row.

Include your entire family

Home Cleaning Tips for Spring 2022 home cleaning tipsWhen you mention spring cleaning, the initial reaction of your family will be to run. But guess what, it is not going to happen since you are stuck there together in isolation (evil laugh). It shouldn't be very traumatic and you all can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. And the best thing is that everyone can contribute!

Get the list of duties and turn it into a fun family activity. Time flies when you're having fun. Who knows, maybe it will become a new family tradition. And most importantly – we will survive this, keep our spaces sparkling clear and with a healthier home, we will feel much better.


We hope you enjoyed this list of home cleaning tips.

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