Guess What? Spring Home Buying Starts Now

Guess What? Spring Home Buying Starts Now - Real Estate News and Advice -

Over the 47 years for which we have sales data, when February’s temperature was above average, February home sales showed growth over the prior year 60% of the time. The reverse scenario does not hold out: When February temperatures are below average, there’s still a greater than 50% chance that home sales will be at least average.

Why is that? Temperature and weather are merely catalysts for what happens in the month of February. What matters more than weather is the health of the economy and the underlying demand for housing. When the market is strong and temperatures are cold, we still typically see growth. But when we have a strong market and warmer temperatures in February, we are far more likely to see growth.

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“Spring is King!”  when it comes to real estate in Winnipeg.


Blame it on the long winters, but buyers come out in numbers during the spring market.  And the milder the temps, the earlier the spring market begins.


It’s a good plan to come out early, and beat the rush which usually starts around April-May.


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