5 Most Effective Ways To Heat Your Home During Winter

5 Most Effective Ways To Heat Your Home During Winter

Winter is coming, and it's bringing the cold, dry air whether you like it or not. Cranking up the furnace is inevitable, but there are some alternatives to make your home feel a little cozier. These are the five most effective ways to heat your home during the winter.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

While you might always want your home to be as toasty as possible, it's unnecessary to fire your heat on all cylinders when you are away from home. Installing a programmable thermostat keeps you warm while you're there and saves money on the bill. You can automatically schedule the temperature you want, depending on the time of day. For example, you can automatically program the temperature to be lower while you're working away from home.

Use Baseboard & Space Heaters

If you feel cold no matter what the thermostat says, investing in some supplemental heating devices will keep you from needing an extensive blanket collection. A fantastic, energy-efficient option is to utilize baseboard heaters in rooms that you feel need a boost of warmth. A space heater is another possibility, but they aren't as safe and effective as baseboard heaters.

Reverse the Ceiling Fan Spin

Most ceiling fans have a switch on the motor that can rotate the blades counterclockwise, which brings down warmer air that typically rises toward the ceiling. However, once the leaves start to turn, the ceiling fan becomes an afterthought for your home comfort needs.

Change Furnace Filter

Your furnace is a lot like your car—it works better when you consistently maintain it. An easy and inexpensive way to keep your furnace pumping the heat is by regularly changing your furnace filter. You can buy furnace filters in bulk to prepare for the winter months, saving you money and ensuring you always have one at your disposal when the need arises.

Block Cold Airflow

As much as you'd like to board up your home to prevent the cold air from sneaking in, that isn't the most aesthetically pleasing look. Luckily, you can make some small additions to your home that work wonders. Use a sealer along the cracks in your windows, install a door sweep that blocks the flow from entering through its crevasses, or move furniture around to free up the vents.

Any of the five most effective ways to heat your home during the winter will have some benefits. Figure out the best option for you to combat the harsh winter cold and stay warm.

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