Ensuring A Greener Future Thru Eco-friendly Living

Eco-friendly building and living


Consumers all around the world are becoming increasingly conscious about the importance of living in an eco friendly environment. But still their numbers are less than the ones who are still unaware of the degrading conditions of our planet earth. Getting accustomed to a greener approach of living is crucial because the significant aspects of environment sustainability depend on energy conservation and domestic waste reduction. Giving stress on the eco-friendly construction techniques is one positive step forward towards creating a sustainable environment.
The environment friendly construction methods, involve the use of specific materials and mechanisms like Biofiltersand solar cookers, which are energy conserving and pollution free. Let us have a quick look at the eco friendly construction materials that are necessary for a green construction.

Energy Efficient Building Materials and Techniques

Any regular construction work involves the use of harmful materials that are not good for the environment. In fact, there are certain domestic appliances that are immensely dangerous for the environment. Refrigerators and insulators which emit CFC and other toxic substances should not be used.

  • Recycled Steel and Wood- Steel and wood are the basic constructional materials that have worldwide demand. The important part is that these materials are considered to be valuable natural resources, as well. The use of recycled wood and steel in construction saves the natural reserves of these resources.
  • Natural Cooling and Insulation- Natural techniques of heating and cooling the room conserve a lot of energy. Natural alternative to air conditions is bio roof filters which don’t require electricity at all. Used jeans and newspaper are used to manufacture eco friendly insulators which help to retain the temperature of the room.
  • Solar power and Natural Lighting- Use of solar power is perhaps the most energy conserving technique that can be used in any eco friendly construction. Solar cookers and heaters reduce the use of natural gas to a high extent. Stored solar energy can be used for lighting at night. Use of natural lighting at the day time saves a lot of energy. Construction of premises with fewer walls increases the natural light flow inside the room thus saving electricity.
  • Water and Air Management- Reports say that one third of the total domestic energy is consumed by water heaters. Using small water heaters saves energy to a great extent. The waste water and air emitted from the domestic and industrial constructions cause environmental pollution. Use of effective waste water treatment mechanisms reduces pollution and creates a clean atmosphere.

Apart from the environmental benefits, there are many other advantages of green construction.

Major Advantages

a) Green homes and construction offer quality living space and are cost efficient, as well. Use of recycled and natural products controls the money flow efficiently.
b) Eco friendly construction works reduce the total energy consumption by 30-50% and water consumption by 30-70%. These houses which consume less electricity and conserve energy is called low energy house and staying in such houses are good for health.

c) Green construction reduces the use of air conditioners and heaters. This can be considered to be a money saving method on the long run.

The good news is that the latest trends are showing a consistent increase in demand of green constructions worldwide. This is undoubtedly a positive step towards a greener future for our future generation.

Summary- Eco friendly constructions are cheap and prove to be efficient in order to sustain the environment. Use of natural and recycled materials in this type of construction conserves the natural energy resources.

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Great care is needed when using recycled materials as the negative impact on the environment can be greater than using new materials. But yes, it’s worth doing even from a standpoint of saving natural resources like trees for instance. Natural light, solar power, compact fluorescent lamps and LED have enabled every country in the industrial world to reduce electrical consumption year on year.

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