Day In The Life Of A Downtown Winnipeg Condo Owner

Day in the life of a downtown #Winnipeg condo owner

Typical day in the life of a downtown condo owner


Day in the life of a downtown #Winnipeg condo owner

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Living in a condo in downtown Winnipeg is a wonderful experience. There is so much about our city and about the condo lifestyle that you can appreciate that much more when you're a condo homeowner in the heart of Winnipeg! For those of you who haven't made the move to purchasing a condo at the centre of our city, here's a glimpse of a day in the life of a downtown Winnipeg condo homeowner – the winter weekday edition:

The day begins by waking up to the sound of cars driving along the busy streets of downtown Winnipeg. The alarm is set, but it isn't really necessary. The increased amount of vehicles driving along the street early in the morning, and the sun peeking through floor-to-ceiling windows, will wake you up naturally. The amount of traffic dissipates to a gentle lull overnight, but as it increases in the morning hours, it makes for the perfect alarm clock.

Bundle up and walk to the office, mere minutes from your condo building. Ran out of coffee at home? No problem – just pick up a cup of java at Parlour Coffee or Thom Bargen on your way to the office. And on especially cold days, you can get from The Bay all the way to 201 Portage and everywhere in between without stepping outside, thanks to overpasses and underground walkways (which also have plenty of opportunities to purchase caffeinated beverages).

After working all morning, it's time for some lunch – and if you didn't get the chance to pack your lunch this morning (it might be time to go grocery shopping), you can pick up lunch ingredients at a nearby corner store, or grab a complete meal at a local restaurant such as Stella's or Elements.

When the workday draws to a close, you might like to pop over to a lounge like Sensi or Cousin's Deli for some after-work beverages to unwind with coworkers. Grab the bus home for a bite to eat – or, since you're lacking food in your kitchen, stop by Downtown Family Foods on your way home for a quick grocery shop.

It's still early in the evening and there is just so much going on in the neighbourhood! Catch a play at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Prairie Theatre Exchange, or any of the other small theatres in the Exchange District; drop by Towne 8, the Globe Theatre, or Cinemateque for an entertaining film experience; or enjoy the Winnipeg music scene by checking out a local band perform at The King's Head Pub.

Return home shortly after your outing – after all, your evening activity of choice took place only a few blocks away from your condo building! Fall asleep to the sound of cars driving along the busy streets of downtown Winnipeg. Tomorrow's another big day.


There's nothing quite like living in a downtown Winnipeg condo!


Sagan Morrow owns an open-concept condo in Winnipeg's Exchange District and loves downtown living. She writes the blog Living Healthy in the Real World, is the Executive Director of the Food Label Movement, and is the Development Coordinator for Food Matters Manitoba. Sagan is a freelance writer and editor as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and can be found at She enjoys taking in the theatre and culture of downtown Winnipeg during her spare time.

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Day in the life of a downtown #Winnipeg condo ownerAbout the Publisher

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