Canadian National Homes Sales stats in July 2015


Home Sales stats for July 2015 per C.R.E.A.

The national organization representing all REALTORS® in Canada, C.R.E.A. (Canadian Real Estate Association)  produces monthly videos to give consumers an overall picture of the housing stats in Canada.


Good or bad, keep in mind that this is a national overview.  And since larger cities such as Toronto and Vancouver tend to ‘skew’ the stats, this type of information is not all that useful for Winnipeggers.  Since Winnipeg only makes up about 3% of the national market, knowing that sales are up or down in Toronto is somewhat meaningless.

For a full view of ‘local’ market, go to Winnipeg’s Real Estate Market Update for August 2015.

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  1. This is an artificial market created by abnormally low interest rates. When interest rates climb again, as they surely will, homeowners who overpaid for property that they can’t afford will lose their homes in a second Great Recession.

  2. A sure sign of an impending market crash is when a market gets to the point where people think it is a guaranteed way to make money and will not go down.

  3. Frankly, I do not believe such reports because we can’t be able to know the exact stat for any city. It just give us the rough idea about the stat. It’s very difficult to track the real numbers.


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