Buying Solo: A Singles’ Guide to buying a home


Tips for the Single Buyer

Buying Solo Single’s Guide to Getting A New HomeYou don’t need a wedding ring to buy a new home. A least this is what the recent statistics tell. Many women decide to take the things in their hands and make a long term commitment. We’re not talking about marriage. More ladies gained the courage and confidence to purchase a home before getting into a serious relationship. Keep in mind that this is an overwhelming process; you need to be fully aware in what you are getting into. If you feel ready to make this huge step, you need to know a couple of things before jumping straight into it.

Be Realistic

Before you even start looking for a new home, you need to clear few things. You should determine what type of home will fit your lifestyle. You might imagine a huge house with a porch and a beautiful backyard. Do you really need that much space? Are you even ready to dedicate the required the needed time for maintenance? Make a list with all the important features you are looking in a home. Then you should thoroughly examine and question them. Determine what is relevant to you. What is even more important than being realistic is to stay flexible. Be ready to change your requirements in order to adapt to the new circumstances. Otherwise you risk turning down a good place because of prejudice.  Speak to a real estate agent about your options.

Start Looking

The Internet is always a good starting point for home hunting. Don’t simply look for the perfect living place. You should be cautious when picking a living area. Location is essential, especially for a single person. The last thing you want is to live in a dangerous neighbourhood. Research the crime rates and visit the place. Drive around during both day and night time. Chit – chat with the neighbours to gain more insight.

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Be Budget Savy

If you don’t know anything about mortgage and interest rates, now is the time. You can find a plethora of free guidelines and calculators online. However, it’s better to meet an actual mortgage broker who can tell what you can afford with your income. The professional will go over your papers and finances with you. Be sure that you get a pre – approval when you leave the office of the mortgage broker. This document gives a competitive advantage and shows that you are suited for borrowing a certain amount of money.

Get A Real Estate Agent

Actually, this could be one of your first steps. They can prove useful in many aspects. An agent will help you choose the best place for you and will have an essential role during the negotiation process. When you consult with them, you should necessarily ask them about the closing costs. Even if you picked a relatively inexpensive living space, the closing costs can add a considerable amount to your purchase price. Don’t forget that you may also need to hire a moving company.

Buying Solo: A Singles' Guide to buying a home

Inspect the Home

Never sign a paper, before having a thorough look at your potential future home. Any severe damages might prove useful in the negotiation progress. Plus, you don’t want to pay for repairs the moment you move house.

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There May Be More Single Women Buying Houses in 2016 May Be More Single Women Buying Houses in 2016 Up until the housing crisis, single women in the U.S. bought houses more often than their single male counterparts. While the share of single female homebuyers tapered off as mortgages became harder to come by in the wake of the crisis, the tide may change in 2016.


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