What Does A Buyers Market Mean For Winnipeg Home Sellers?

What a more balanced market means


By now, you’ve probably heard the stories:  bidding wars have slowed drastically  (although the still DO happen), and houses are sitting, waiting for buyers to make an offer.

Good for buyers, not so great for sellers?

After the last 10 years of crazy and sometimes reckless bidding, this must come as a bit of a shock to sellers, but a more balanced market is good for everyone.

Great for buyers!

Obviously it’s great for house and condo buyers in Winnipeg.  There are more choices, with nearly 1,900 houses and over 600 condos available to pick from in Winnipeg alone.  Interest rates are still super-low, economy looks great, so NOW is the time to step forward and invest in your first home.


What does is mean for Sellers?

Choose your Listing Agent wisely.  Does he/she advertise beyond the MLS®?  Do they run print ads?  Google their name before you select an agent!  Do they have a social media presence?  YouTube channel?  Or do they think facebook is something that their grand-kids are using to play games?

When all is said and done, Winnipeg offers EXCELLENT value for a home buyer, especially now.  How excellent?   Lets compare these two homes, once in Calgary and one in Winnipeg.


The Calgary Home

Built in 2001,  it’s a 2 storey home with a total of 1,120 sq feet,  3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, no garage.



The Winnipeg Home

Built in 1994, it has over 1,800 sq feet,  3 bedrooms,  2.5 baths and a double attached garage.







Which of these homes sold for more?   To make it interesting, let’s have a contest!  I will randomly select 2 people from the WINNING answers to receive a $25.00 Gift Card for Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Contest ends on Sunday, Oct. 12th at 7 pm when the winners will be announced on our facebook page   https://facebook.com/winnipeghomefinder

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Sometimes it's not the external façade of a house that draws a buyer to bid more on a house for sale! It's important to make sure the interior is staged properly and things are well looked after if you want a higher offer on your house. It's also quite important to make sure that the implements, fixtures and working bits of the house are all functioning properly too..

Way to go Sabrina M Hogan!!!!!

And the winners are: Andrew Taylor and Sabrina M Hogan. Please contact me via messenger to arrange delivery of the Gift Cards.

Winnipeg buyers have been waiting for a more balanced market……it's here!

Winnipeg! 🙂



Winnipeg of course

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