Best Dining Experiences & Restaurants In Winnipeg

Best Dining Experiences & Restaurants in Winnipeg (curated list)

Best Dining Experiences in Winnipeg


Photo of Hy's Steak House and Cocktail Bar in WInnipeg
Photo of Hy’s Steak House and Cocktail Bar in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is known as a city with a great number of restaurants as well as cultural diversity.  We’re pretty fortunate to have so many different communities, offers a variety of cuisines, from Steakhouses to Sushi, Pizza to Perogies, Seafood to Szechuan and Dim-Sum.

So when a client asked me the other day; “What restaurant can you recommend in Winnipeg?”, I naturally had a few favorites in mind.  But in a diverse city such as ours, there are many restaurant options I had never tried, and decided to create this list.  Some of these choices are mine, some are ‘crowd-sourced’ and the list is open to accept new suggestions and additions.  Vote for your choices, or add one to the list.


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Jeffrey Joy

Thank you for sharing this list. It was helpful.

Good post and it is very useful to know about the restaurants and the variety of foods

Awesome dining!! Looking so lovely. Winnipeg's best.

Santa Ana on St Mary's near St Vital mall.


Have to agree Mongos

Best Prime Rib and Yorkshire pudding in the city!

Likewise Bo! Thanks.

Great Choice, Tim….I love the atmosphere and the food there….I'll add it to the list.

I tried to add to this list but there was an error for some reason. The Round Table has and always will be my favorite, true to my roots!

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