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Beautiful Bathroom Designs

If your bathroom needs a renovation, you'll come face to face with a whole range of design style choices. And while picking any of them will probably make your bathroom look nicer than before, if you really want to add a personal touch to it, feel free to mix and match styles to your liking. Fitting one style into another is something that can actually make your bathroom look more beautiful and unique. Here are some ideas for an eclectic bathroom you'll love.

Beautiful Bathroom Designs

Make textures work for you

One way to make your bathroom eclectic is by being playful and experimenting with textures. For example, if your bathroom furniture is predominantly wooden, add some stone details to it. Similarly, if everything is matte, introduce a shiny item or two for contrast. Match some things that seem new and modern with others, which look worn out. A wooden vanity with a metal-framed mirror on top is one way to go, and a shabby-looking chair next to an acrylic bathtub is another. You can even combine a tiled floor with wallpaper on the walls. With both tile and wallpaper patterns and designs you can buy nowadays, you'll be able to showcase two completely different styles without actually making too much effort. You can even place a rug on your bathroom floor to make things a bit more varied.

Make your shower the focal point

There's nothing better than a hot shower after a long day, and if you want a walk-in shower installed, you should let it be the centerpiece of your bathroom. With so many options regarding the flooring and privacy screens, you can make the shower itself either contemporary or classic, and then find a way to complement or contrast it with the rest of your bathroom design. And while there are many things you can do yourself to save on your bathroom design, plumbing isn't one of them. Whether you want to install a hot water system, or you want somebody to manage your sewage installation, you should definitely find professionals who can deal with this type of work. For instance, in some countries, such as Australia, you are obliged to hire certified plumbing experts, which is why they turn to companies such as the reliable R&G Plumbing to stay on the safe side. This means that your shower and everything else in your bathroom can be fully functional and in accordance with all the current standards, while looking vintage or rustic.

Blending the old and the new

As far as making any room eclectic, this is probably the simplest thing you can do. In case you have a modern bathroom with smooth and polished surfaces, state-of-the-art furniture and cutting-edge gadgets on display, you can make it eclectic by showcasing a rustic sink basin vanity or by installing a more traditional bathtub, preferably a claw-footed, freestanding one. These will definitely add some charm to your bathroom and soften the sharpness of any contemporary-style bathroom. Even if you just bring in a simple bench made of natural wood, or a Victorian-style vanity with some open storage you can fit baskets into, you'll manage to create the effect you were aiming for. In case you know your way around tools and paint, you can get some pieces at your local thrift shop and turn them into whatever you imagine. A DIY project can actually save you a lot of money, while giving you the opportunity to adjust the furniture to your own wishes and visions.

Be bold with colors

Beautiful Bathroom Designs

If you're brave enough to experiment with colours, you could just end up with that picture-perfect example of an eclectic bathroom you were hoping to have. You can start with the colour of your tiles, window frames or shower curtains. Also, if you're frugal and want to make your bathroom chic, you can use broken pieces of colourful tiles and create a mosaic on your wall or your floor. And while at the topic of mosaics, they also work really well with stained windows, making them multifunctional. This means that, other than serving a decorative purpose, they'll also protect you from any curious eyes. A mosaic countertop can look amazing on top of a plain white vanity, and you can even purchase a custom-made mosaic bathtub or a basin to reflect your vibrant personality. These mosaics can come in bright colours, but if you want to tone them down a bit, you can opt for a simple black and white one, or have them in a combination of several neutral colours.

When it comes to eclectic style in your bathroom, the only limit is your own imagination. So, turn it into a joyful and alluring place which will make you feel good every time you step into it.

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