Basic Steps To Clean Your Gutters at Home


Basic Steps To Clean Your Gutters at HomeWhether you’re a new homeowner or a veteran of caring for your property, you should know that it’s essential to clean your gutters. If you aren’t sure what a gutter or trough is, go outside and look at the sides of your roof. The plastic drain attached to the edge of your roof is the gutter, trough, or channel. It can be difficult to clean a gutter and even harder to recognize the most common problems that affect your gutters in the summer. As a homeowner, it’s essential to follow the basic steps to clean your gutters at home.

Check the Weather

Before stepping outside, check the weather for any storms or rain that might be coming. You should also be on the lookout for snow if you are from a cold climate. After reviewing the weather, it’s suitable to wait a few days until it’s dry outside to clean out your gutters easily.

Prepare Your Tools

When cleaning anything, you must have the right tools. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a bit of trouble. To properly prepare to clean out your gutters, you’ll need equipment such as a ladder, trowel, buckets, a gutter cleaner or hose, and safety goggles. Also, when shopping for a ladder, ensure that it’s tall and sturdy enough to keep you stable as you clean your gutters.

Use a Two-Bucket Method

When following basic steps to clean out your gutters, try and find some easy methods to help get the job done faster. Use one bucket to gather debris from the drain and another to carry your tools. Placing your devices in a separate pail will prevent you from weighing down the other bucket that contains debris. As you prepare ready to remove the debris, bring one bucket up at a time and hook it to the ladder.

Clean Out the Debris

Begin where the downspout is and remove the leaves, twigs, and other larger debris. Place everything into the designated debris bucket. Then, use your trowel to remove smaller debris and any trapped garbage from the spout. Wear latex gloves before touching wet waste, as it can leave behind a terrible stench if it gets on your clothing.

Flush Your Gutter Out

After removing all large debris, use the hose to wash off any dirt left behind. If there is a jam in your gutter, use heavy pressure and the hose to flush the spout. Once all garbage is gone, go ahead and flush the entire gutter system.

Once your gutters are completely clear, make sure to keep up the maintenance by contacting a local contractor that can examine and clear out the gutters regularly. You should clean your gutters at least twice a year.

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