Alternative Housing Options To Consider

Alternative Housing Options To Consider For new and veteran homeowners alike, the residential real estate market can seem intimidating, as prices only appear to rise along with the ever-increasing demand for housing. Luckily, your choices aren’t as limited as you may believe. Whether you’re looking to buy your first house or seeking something new and unique, you’ll find something to pursue among these alternative housing options to consider.

Recycled Homes

Have you ever seen a cargo container or a grain silo that someone transformed into an attractive home? Recycled houses like this not only reduce waste but are also more affordable. They also provide a unique aesthetic that you can enjoy and really get creative with. While deceptively industrial on the outside, the interiors of these homes offer the same level of luxury and quality you would expect in any traditional home.

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are exactly what their names imply–homes that are miniature relative to traditional houses. They have the same utilities and features as average homes, but they contain them in a much more compact form. This makes them more affordable and environmentally friendly, as they take far less space and fewer resources to construct. If you have a sense of wanderlust, tiny homes can include wheels for easy transportation, just like trailers as well.

Earth Berms

For nature-lovers and Lord of the Rings fans alike, this is the alternative housing option to consider the most. A home that you create from a burrow in the earth is magical and eccentric. Unlike most homes that stand on the ground, only the front entrance and some windows distinguish these structures from the surrounding landscape. This sort of project can be less affordable than other housing options. But the beautiful, naturalistic aesthetic and easy temperature control make this form of home a real prize to those seeking something unorthodox.

Tree Houses

Looking to recapture your youth? Treehouses are perfect for just that. A creative design that focuses on being more vertical than horizontal will allow you to recapture that childhood dream of living in a treehouse with all the modern-day amenities you’ve come to expect. The amount of living space in a treehouse is comparable to that of a tiny home, but the views and design opportunities are difficult to pass up.

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