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Here are some unwritten rules of etiquette that home buyers should follow in order to get the home they want without rubbing anyone the wrong way.


You like being under a microscope? Whatever your answer to that question may be, you’d better get used to being scrutinized when you’re trying to buy a home. Your behavior can sway sellers to bestow their precious home on you—or pass you up for someone nicer or way less annoying.

Naturally, realtor.com® is here to help! Just be sure to follow these heretofore unwritten rules of house-buying etiquette to stay in the good graces of all involved.

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No matter what kind of market, (even in strong buyers markets) its important to remember that selling a home is quite often a very emotionally charged event.


The buyer usually wont know the reasons for the sale, but they could include divorce, death, financial problems and other reasons which leave the sellers already frazzled and emotionally vulnerable.


All the more reason to tread lightly, and treat the seller with respect.


And if those reasons are not enough, here is a big one:  Tick the seller off, and maybe they won’t sell the house to you.  You never know how someone might react to being insulted, stood up or un-necessarily inconvenienced.


The same rules apply when going to an .   And IF you are going to attend at an , check out some of my tips on doing so.

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Lorelei Jacobs
Lorelei Jacobs

Another great article! Selling a house is not an easy thing. Every seller has his own emotional feelings attached to the house. So you can ask the reason behind the selling in a very polite manner and with respect.


Great piece of advice by realtor.com here! Every buyer should treat the seller with respect. I’ll take care of these tips from the next time.

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Keep up the good writing.