5 Web Sites and Services to make your online life easier


5 of my favorite and most important online services


5 Web Sites and Services to make your online life easier
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The other day, one of my real estate competitors called me for some advice about websites and online lead generation.  He knew that I am a big believer in internet promotions, websites and blogging to generate new business.  Over the past few years, I’ve learned a few things, and don’t mind sharing what I’ve learned.  So here are some of the top websites and services that make MY online life a little easier:

1) Password Vault and Generator

Each time we sign into a new website or service, we’re asked to create a name and password.  To protect yourself, each website and/or service should have a unique password.  But with dozens, and even hundreds of different sites, how do you keep all the passwords and usernames safe, organized and remembered?  The answer is LastPass, named thus because its the ‘Last Password’ you’ll ever need.  They have browser extensions for most popular browsers to make your life easier.  When you come across a new website, you can generate a random password with the click of one button, and then save the results.  When you go BACK to that website, LastPass will automatically fill in the username and password for you.  So the only password you’ll need to remember is the one you need to sign into LastPass itself.  It works on both Mac and PC, and it’s FREE.


2)  Back up your files with ZipCloud

Do you create a lot of original content, files, videos, documents?  Hate the thought of losing those in a computer crash?  One way to safe-keep them is to back them up ‘into the cloud’.  ZipCloud offers a FREE version of their service, although it’s very limited in the amount of storage you get.  But for around $50 bucks a year, you can back up 250 GB of files, and then access those files from any other computer.  Oh yeah, dont forget to password protect it with LastPass.

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3)  Share Files with others via Dropbox

Another free service that actually quite valuable is Dropbox.  It installs in your browser bar, and you can drop files, videos, pictures, documents..whatever, right into it.  Then you can access it from any other computer.  Save a file on your MAC and then access it on your PC…  or better yet, save a file on your own computer, and allow another person to access just THAT file, or several folders or whatever you want to share.


4)  Free Internet Press Releases via PRLog

Press Releases aren’t just for the big companies any more.  Want to advertise a special in-store event?  Want to brag about a new product? Celebrating a business mile-stone?  Issue a Press Release!!  There are several big effective online press-release services, such as PrWeb for example.  Problem is, most of the charge a fee.   My choice for online PR:  is PRLog.  In order the remain totally free, they embed advertising in your press release, but I say….so what?  It helps drive traffic to your website, and their press releases get good exposure.


5) Spread your blog posts via triberr

If you’re serious about using the ‘net to promote your business or services, you should be writing a blog.  But how do you get your posts noticed?  Try triberr, a free service by bloggers, for bloggers.  It allows you to create ‘tribes’ of like-minded bloggers, who connect their twitter accounts, or facebook pages, and then promote each others blog posts via those services.  If you haven’t tried triberr, come join my tribe by going here.  You’ll end up promoting MY blog posts initially, but you’ll learn how to create your own tribe in the process and can do that anytime.


What’s YOUR favorite site or service?  Share your comments please…I’m always anxious to learn more.



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