5 Home Staging Tips

💰Home staging is growing in popularity ❤️ .  Here are 5 tips to get your started in staging your own house 🏡 or condo for sale.  Create a great first impression by.


A house is not going to sell itself. No matter how popular the neighbourhood might be or how functional the actual space is, if you don’t stage the property to appeal to the unique needs and wishes of the modern buyer, people are just going to pass it by on their way to that gorgeous house at the end of the street.  Not only is staging the best way to dazzle and inspire potential buyers, but it’s also one of the best ways to seamlessly elevate the value of the entire property.

This means more interested buyers battling it out for the lowest price that’s already way above your initial listing. To set the stage for this ideal scenario, though, you will need to set the stage for a home viewing that will motivate the buyers to look no further than your property. Here are the tips that will help you achieve these goals.5 Home Staging Tips

Start with the curb appeal

It’s always a good idea to start your staging project from a distance and then work your way in towards the house and the interior. After all, first impressions are everything (almost), as the first impression prospective buyers form of your property will be one of the defining moments in their decision-making process. In other words, improve your curb appeal and you will improve your chances of people actually venturing inside for a more throughout viewing.

Start with the furthest point from where people can see the house. This is usually the corner of the street. What do you see? Are there potholes on the ground, uneven patches, is there garbage lying around or do the garbage cans obstruct the view? You will need to clean all of this up first.

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Next, work your way in towards the fence and note down everything you need to fix. You also want to give the fence a fresh coat of paint while you’re at it. Pay special attention to the landscape and the greenery surrounding the property. You want the greenery, trees, and flower arrangements to frame the design, so don’t just leave it as is, instead, invest in a bit of smart landscaping.

Tidy up the exterior

5 Home Staging TipsBefore we venture inside, there is one more thing we need to address, the exterior of the house itself. Take a closer look at the three focal points of the house: the paint-job, the porch, and the entrance. These are the focal points that will immediately grab the attention of the visitor, and help the form an opinion fairly quickly, so there can be no room for error.

First, devote a weekend to give the exterior a new coat of paint. Next, be sure to create an inviting social space at the front porch, complete with outdoor furniture and intimate lighting. And finally, make sure the entrance boasts a positive, bright hue to welcome people and entice them to venture inside.

Scale the lighting for a great first impression

One of the most important things homebuyers notice immediately upon entering a home is the lighting. Modern homebuyers are looking for homes that enjoy plenty of natural light throughout the day, but it’s not like you can just roll up the blinds and all of your problems are solved. No, the modern homebuyer is also looking for that unique blend of brightness and intimacy. This is especially true for those sunny regions of the world such as Australia where there needs to be a balance between these elements.

For example, Australian homeowners who are staging their properties always hang custom-made curtains in Melbourne and other extremely sunny residential regions of the country in order to scale the lighting just right, accentuate focal points in the interior, and appeal to the buyer that wants the home to be luminous but intimate as well. Use the same mindset to optimize the lighting in your home as well with the use of functional and aesthetic curtains and even blinds.

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Don’t compromise on cleanliness

5 Home Staging TipsAnother crucial element of a perfectly-staged home is cleanliness. Cleanliness in home staging and design not only means that the interior needs to be clean in a literal sense, but that it also needs to be neatly organized, clutter-free, and optimized for seamless storage.

Homebuyers needs to walk into a decluttered setting where they can move freely and explore their surroundings in a natural way, without any obstructions. This doesn’t mean that you need to create a minimalist interior, but it does mean that you should scale it down to the most important décor pieces in every room.

Aim to create a lifestyle for your demographic

Speaking of décor, the last element of successful home staging is tailoring the interior to the lifestyle of your demographic. Who are your visitors, what do they need, and what do they want? Be sure to answer all of their questions with the furniture you choose and the features you introduce in every room.

Strive to simplify their everyday life by supporting their lifestyle habits, and introducing the décor elements they truly need. This is why you need to know your demographic, and the kind of homebuyers that are most likely to take an interest in your particular property.

Staging a home for maximum sale potential is an art form as much as it is science. Be sure to combine these crucial tips into a winning home-staging strategy that will help you boost the value of your property, and most importantly, attract affluent homebuyers to your doorstep.

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