5 Common Mistakes People Make In Long-Distance Moves

5 Common Mistakes People Make in Long-Distance Moves

Preparing to move from one home to the next is stressful. And it's even more stressful when the move is long-distance. For some reason, the list of tasks seems to double in size. And with all the chaos, it's easy to jumble up some duties and overlook them. Here are five common mistakes people make in long-distance moves.

Leaving Without a Plan

Starting off without a well-detailed plan will set you up for disaster. You can't wing a long-distance move. There's too much ground to cover, and you're bound to forget things. Create and strategize a plan to get as much done as you can.

Consider organizing and starting your plan a month or two before your big move. If you want to eliminate any stress, you can start to plan as soon as you close on your new home. Jumping ahead will give you time to handle the things that might slip your mind. Also, remember that some of your items, like furniture, will need proper preparation before the move, so account for that before you head out.

Incorrectly Packing

Incorrectly packing might be the most common mistake. For starters, a lot of people wait to pack until the last minute. The move might be causing a lot of anxiety, so you might avoid packing to move away from the stress.

Start early and label every box. If possible, try and see if you can start to move a few things into your new home periodically so that you don't have to do it all at once. Also, remember that not every item can make the long-distance move. There are some things that you should never move long-distance, like old bedding.

Pack things that pair with each other together, and make sure you have enough padding for any fragile pieces.

Neglecting Storage

It's always a good idea to consider storage. You'll want to rent out from a unit located near your new home. And choose a facility with a good reputation. Security should be their top priority, and you'll want a list of items that can go into storage.

Not everything needs to go into your new home, and placing them in storage helps to keep you more organized during the move. If you've sold your previous home but can't move into your new one yet, storage is a good solution to the problem.

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Refusing Help

You can't do it all by yourself; you need help. Look to friends, family, or a moving company to help with the move. Any of those options helps relieve some of the pressure off you. However, it's ideal to go with the professionals.

Search for a company that has experience with long-distance and not just local moves. Some could even assist with packing and making sure all your valuables and possessions arrive safely.

Forgetting About Utilities

Turn on the utilities for the next home before you make the trip out there. It would be tragic for you to move in and realize you have no running water, electricity, or heat. A lot of people get so caught up in the actual move or the packing that they forget about preparing their new home.

Call ahead and set up arrangements to have the utilities turned on by the time you move in. You want to sleep comfortably that night and wake up without something else to do on your checklist.

Avoid these five common mistakes when making your long-distance move and avoid all the stress accompanied by them.

5 Common Mistakes People Make in Long-Distance MovesAbout the Publisher

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