40 Common Household Items Potentially Containing Asbestos

40 Common Household Items Potentially Containing Asbestos – Infographic

For decades, asbestos was a popular additive to many products. It was favoured by manufacturers and contractors because of its fire-retardant characteristics and its ability to act as an insulator. What people didn't realize is that asbestos can be extremely harmful to human health. As tiny fibres of this known carcinogen become airborne, they can be inhaled into the lungs. This can cause one of several deadly illnesses.

Asbestos is no longer used to build residences. Nevertheless, products that contain it are still found in homes across the country, especially those that were built prior to 1980. Any updating or remodelling projects done on these structures have the potential to release deadly fibres into the air.  Read Asbestos Products In Your Home: Identifying – Remediating – Health Hazards

The following list details the most common items which may be containing this hazardous material that are found in homes. Being familiar with this list alerts homeowners to the need for specialized asbestos removal services that are performed by well-trained technicians. Professional asbestos removal protects homeowners and their families from potentially harmful exposure.

1. Cement foundations, walkways and driveways

2. Insulation, especially in homes built between the 1930s and 1950s

3. Roofing shingles

4. Siding

5. Patching and joint compound

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6. Textured paint

7. Decorative material that is sprayed on ceilings and walls

8. Soundproofing material sprayed onto the surface of walls and ceilings

9. Artificial ashes and embers used in gas fireplaces

10. Door gaskets found on wood stoves and furnaces

11. Fireproof gloves manufactured prior to 1980

12. Ironing-board covers manufactured prior to 1980

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13. Pads for the stove-top manufactured prior to 1980

14. Items used for insulation for wood-burning stoves or furnaces such as paper, cement sheets or millboard

15. Asbestos blankets or tape around boilers, furnace ducts and steam pipes

16. Resilient floor tiles made of rubber, asphalt or vinyl

17. Vinyl sheet flooring

18. Adhesives used to install floor tiles

19. Electrical cloth

20. Electrical panel partitions

21. Flexible duct connectors

22. Asbestos felt used for roofing and flooring applications

23. Textiles like blankets and ropes

24. Vintage clothing

25. Brake pads and lining on older cars

26. Cigarette filters

27. Old hairdryers

28. Fireproofing materials

29. Small appliances made before the 1980s such as toasters, coffee pots, popcorn poppers, crock pots and irons

30. Portable heaters

31. Portable dishwashers

32. Old crayons

33. Talc products like cosmetics, feminine hygiene items and baby powder

34. Vermiculite, which is an ingredient in pesticides, composts, potting mixes and fertilizers

35. HVAC duct insulation

36. Heating and electrical ducts

37. Chalkboards

38. Carpets

39. Vinyl wall coverings

40. Caulk and putties

The presence of any of these items in a home is not necessarily harmful if the items are in good repair. However, those that are crumbling certainly pose a risk to the home's occupants. Additionally, any projects that will involve sawing, cutting, sanding, removing or otherwise tampering with these items will cause dangerous exposure to asbestos. Homeowners are encouraged to contact an asbestos removal company to test for and remove asbestos-based products.


40 Common Household Items Potentially Containing Asbestos - Infographic asbestos

40 Common Household Items Potentially Containing Asbestos - Infographic asbestos

Common Household products and items potentially containing asbestos


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