3 Strong Smells That Will Kill Your Home Sale - Winnipeg Real Estate

Staging is great…   but “Smell” is the single most important factor when buyers first enter your house or condo.  It makes sense:  A strong, offensive odor will hit them immediately upon entering your home, long before they find other flaws  (and yes, buyers ARE there to look for the flaws).   So here is a quick video (1-1/2 minutes)  to dramatize the 3 most offensive smells that will turn buyers off, and most likely kill your chances of a quick sale.

Trying to sell your home? You may not even be aware that your place has odors buyers may find foul.

Posted by realtor.com on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


As you can see in the video, pets, cooking and cigarette/cigar smoke are the 3 biggest offenders.

When you are selling your home, make sure it smells fresh and clean when buyers come to look at it.  Call me for a free consultation if you are thinking of selling your Winnipeg home


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