3 Challenges When Moving Into A Tiny Home

3 Challenges When Moving Into a Tiny Home Tiny homes are a growing trend as cheaper and more eco-friendly housing alternatives. Naturally, tiny homes are quite different from traditional homes. Thus, they have their own unique hurdles to overcome. Don’t worry, though; we can help. Let’s take a look at three challenges when moving into a tiny home that you may encounter.

Finding a Location

Because this tiny home trend is on the newer side, you may find it difficult to locate an ideal spot to build a tiny home. Dealing with strict building codes and zone regulations can be a real hassle since they usually deal with more traditional housing. Luckily, more and more tiny home communities have been springing up around the country in states like California, Colorado, Texas, and Florida. You’ll have your pick of the climate as long as you know where to look to find tiny home communities.

Downsizing Your Home

The most apparent challenge when moving into a tiny home is learning how to downsize. The two largest hurdles in this regard are that you’ll need time to adjust to having fewer possessions than you may be used to, and you may have more sentimental items than you have room for. If you need help figuring out how to downsize your possessions, look around for ideas and techniques that can help. Downsizing is difficult for most people; you won’t be alone in this struggle.

Taking It on the Road

One of the unique features of tiny homes is that they don’t connect to foundations. Instead, you can mount them on trailers for travel. This is great for those with wanderlust, as it makes it easy to pick up everything and go. But there are considerations that you must make beforehand. In particular, you need a way to power your tiny home. You must also know how to drain your tiny house of waste and refill its tanks with water. If you call ahead, you can often take advantage of RV parks and campgrounds to restock and refresh your tiny home like any other trailer.

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