15 Renovations That Add An Exotic Flair To Your Home


Infographic: Renovations that add an exotic touch

The fine folks at 4Everdeck sent us this neat infographic. ย It shows 15 different remodelling and reno jobs that will improve your home, and also shows their estimations of the return-on-investment of each renovation.


Reasons Why Some Home Renos May Undermine The Value of Your House

https://www.realtytoday.com/articles/43636/20151016/reasons-why-home-renovations-undermine-value-house.htmHome owners would find it satisfying to make some rehab or renovation with their home. However, if one is not that sure whether he would be staying on the property till eternity so to speak, one should then be careful with the renovations. There are some renos which may seem to be appealing to you, but in reality these may not be enticing for future buyers. Now here below are some remodelling jobs, as also discussed by propertycluster, which may lower the real estate value of your house. More info via Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog

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