14 Remodelling Projects That Add Value To Your Home


Remodelling Projects and their R.O.I.

Before starting a remodelling project, most homeowners will be interested in finding out both how much it will end up costing as well as how much it will increase the value of their home by. By upgrading your home, youโ€™ll both get the advantage of your home becoming a more comfortable place to be, but at the same time you will often recoup a lot of the remodeling costs when you sell the house again as the upgrades have added to the overall value of your home.

However, the amount of money you will end up recouping depends on a range of different things. First of all, some types of remodeling upgrades will simply be better investments. For example, homeowners recoup an average of 80.7% when they choose to replace the garage door, while making an additional bathroom will on average allow you to recoup 57.8% of your investment.

To help you, Contractor Quotes has made an infographic that looks at popular remodelling projects and how much they increase home value by, on average. At the same time, this infographic explains the most important things you need to be aware of with the different remodeling projects. Hopefully, itโ€™ll give you some ideas and some insights allowing you to feel more prepared for your next remodeling project.

Remodelling-projects-that-increase-home-value-infographic 2
Remodelling Projects

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