Selling Your Home: 8 Things You Should Consider


If you are thinking of selling your home, you should be aware of all of the important factors in order to make the process easier and more efficient. Here are eight things you should know before selling your home.

1The Qualifications of Your REALTOR®

Even though some real estate agents may claim to have all the right experience and credentials, you should still do your homework and double-check everything for authenticity. Many of the most reputable agents are members of organizations like the National Association of REALTORS®. You could also check your prospective agents thru the local BBB and google listings as well.

2The Cost of Professional Movers

When the sale of your home finally closes, you will need to find a way to get your belongings to your new location. Researching moving companies in advance is a great way to be prepared for when the big day comes to relocate. You may also choose to rent a truck yourself and rely on your friends and family members.  While this can help you save money, keep in mind reputable movers carry liability insurance.  Most REALTORS® would be able to help you select a reputable moving company.  In , contact me for a referral!

3Where Your Important Documents Are Located

You will need to gather up all of your important documents pertaining to your home before proceeding with the process of selling your home. Some of the most crucial documents you should have include property survey reports, roof warranty paperwork and certificates of compliance. It will also be useful to find instruction manuals for your furnace, central air conditioning system and hot water heater.

4The Conditions of Your Local Housing Market

Paying attention to what is going on in your local housing market is one of the best ways to maximize on the profit of your property sale. It is an excellent idea to research the prices at which other properties in your area sold so that you can list your home at an appropriate value. You may find that the market conditions are better in the , so this could be an ideal time of year to sell.

5How Much Cleaning Should be Done

A cleaner property will likely sell faster. You should consider investing the money to have your place professionally cleaned before it is shown to potential buyers. You can use carpet cleaner as well as window washers and professional maids to clean your home from top to bottom. Professional work may also need to be done in order to make your property look its best.

6Inspect Before You List It

Before listing your home, you could hire a home inspector to check on the conditions of your property. Doing this before you try selling your home will give you the chance to budget the money for any repairs that need to be made. A home inspector can see whether or not your plumbing and heating systems are in good condition. You can also have radon, mould and asbestos tests performed.  This is so that your buyer can be assured that your home is safe to sell.

7The Times You Want to Show Your Property

You can set very specific times that you would like your property to be shown to potential buyers. However, people who are interested in the home could show up when you least expect it, so you should always have your property in tip-top condition. Bathrooms should be clean and that no dirty dishes should be left in the sink. You will also want to pick up any clothes or other loose items around your home.

8Your Legal Obligations

You are obliged by law to be honest about anything that may need to fixed around your property. You will also need to let potential buyers know the year that the house was built and whether or not it is located in a flood zone. Your liability insurance should also be current so that you can protect yourself legally if someone becomes injured while viewing your property.

Knowing the right information before you sell your home can make things less stressful for you.  Also, it could potentially save you from getting into trouble with the law. Following the right steps in advance can help ensure the successful sale of your property.

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