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Content Marketing: Maximizing your original content exposure across multiple platforms

Getting maximum coverage for your original content

.Content Marketing: Maximizing your original content exposure across multiple platforms

Here is the problem:  You are an expert in your field, and want to share some of that expertise across the internet.  What is the best way?  Do you write a blog post, hoping that it will rank high enough to be found?  Or create a video, hoping it won’t get lost among the millions of other videos with similar topics?  What about a podcast?  It’s all so time-consuming, and you are, after all, a busy professional.  Do you hire someone to do all this for you?  The answer: All of the above, or at least a combination of all of the above.

A few years ago I discovered a wonderful e-book on Kindle, written by Denise Wakeman.  The book title was “The Viral Blogging System”, and it was perhaps the best $9 I ever spent.  It’s still available and I highly recommend that you get it, because it goes into deeper detail than I can right here.  Much of what I am covering here was inspired by that book, and I’ve added a few spins and twists of my own.  What follows are 8 easy steps for ANY professional, such as Real Estate Agents, Dentists, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Renovators, Life Insurance Sales Reps,  or ANYONE who has some expertise to share.  Lets start:

1) Write a blog post

Much of what follows can be hired out to an assistant, but this first step you should do yourself.  YOU are the expert, and hiring a stranger to write a post for you is NOT advisable.  YOU know your field best.  So chose a topic, and keep it short, 400 to 600 words is optimal.

2) Record an audio of your post

You could pay someone to record this for you, but its easy to do.  I use Garage Band on my mac, but there are other similar products.  Especially if you are in direct contact with your customers, you may want to record it in your own voice, rather than ‘farming it out’.  More than once, a customer has said to me  :”Yes, I recognize you from your audio-podcast”.

3) Create a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation

THIS you CAN farm out to someone else.  I use a service such as to search for help in cases like this.  Its a free service, and after placing an ad, you’ll receive applications from creators all over the world.  So either hire someone, or do it yourself, but turn your blog post into a powerpoint or keynote (on mac) presentation.  It should result in a 15 to 20 slide presentation. Once you have that, the real fun begins.

4) Save your Powerpoint in 3 different formats:

Once you have your powerpoint presentation, you can save (or export) it in 3 different formats.  This will take about 5 seconds each:

  • As a Powerpoint Presentation
  • As a PDF
  • As individual .jpg pictures of each slide

5) Upload the Powerpoint to

There are many good slide-sharing platforms.  My favorite is       They have a free version, as well as a PRO (paid) version with some extra bells and whistles.  Once uploaded, other people can see the presentation, and better yet, can embed, share, and download it.  You can add your audio to the presentation, thereby creating a “slidecast”.  So here is an idea:  Let’s say you’re a real estate agent, and work regularly with a mortgage broker and a lawyer, both of whom write a blog.  They can embed your presentation into their blogs….giving you added exposure and giving THEIR readers some new material to discover.

6) Upload the PDF to

My choice for document sharing site is, although again, there are others.  Readers can share, read, download, embed etc….    The beauty with PDF’s is that any live links in the presentation will be preserved and are actually clickable links.  So be sure to include links back to your blog and other sites.

7) Use the .jpg pictures to create a video

On a MAC, I use (and love) I-Movie.  I can drag and drop the slide-project pictures into the program, add my audio and viola…..  create a movie in about 5 minutes.  Then upload that movie to YouTube, or Vimeo or any other video-sharing and hosting platform.  I also embed a copy of the video into my blog post as well.

8) Create a Podcast

Actually, create TWO podcasts… for audio, and one for video.  Check out a service called Hipcast, where you can upload the audio file and the video separately.  With Hipcast’s help, you can create a on I-Tunes (free)  and add all of your future audios and videos to this popular platform.  I-Tunes is FREE,  and Hipcast has a free version, although it you want a little more options and space, $10 per month is all you need.

No worries about ‘Duplicate Content’

Although you are publishing the same materials, you’re doing it over several different platforms.    No worries about duplicate content.  This is the best and most efficient way that I know of, in which to maximize the exposure of your original content.  What started out as a blog post, is now an audio-podcast, a video-podcast, a PDF file, a Slide-presentation, AND videos on YouTube etc etc.

Do you know of any other methods?  Let me know….I’m always looking to learn new things!

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Brand new free real estate e-newsletter . Interested in real estate? Winnipeg? Tips for home buyers and sellers?  Then you MUST check out my brand-spanking new, free, e-newsletter, sent every two weeks.  Topics it will cover: attractions and points of interest Tips for home buyers and sellers Advice for Home and owners Mortgage […]

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Content Marketing: Maximizing your original content exposure across multiple platforms

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